Friday, January 4, 2013

Who knew DLaura wears the 80s so well ?

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And there it is, the last Dollar Tree dress, completely altered to fit MH dolls. I kinda went with DLaura because I can’t imagine any other character wearing a denim print skirt with socks and a blouse that match. I do it all the time with full-length jeans, but I’m nowhere near as fashion-forward as the ghoul crew.

The skirt pattern is the same NG Creations one, the Slim Short Skirt from her second set, that I used for Olive’s sparkly black skirt and DLaura’s UltraSuede paisley number. I’ll probably take in the socks a bit, they sort of hang on her – and I was surprised to learn there was a definite ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ to them. They actually are slightly contoured. I just wish they’d matched them better, but truthfully, I’m just happy they cover her knee joints. What can I say, dolls just look more ‘natural’ to me when they don’t have exposed hinges.

I can also say this – whew ! Think that, unless I cross paths with something really amazing soon, I’m taking a break from altering. Personally, it’s more fun to just sew stuff ! 

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