Monday, January 28, 2013

Now, I don't usually like repaints all that much, but...

Current Mood : Happy and anticipatory !

I have no idea why I’m suddenly having so many formatting problems between the ever-funky Office that came with Windows 7 and the Blogger interface. I’ve had not a single issue for forever, then last night, I couldn’t get stuff to stay where it was supposed to be no matter what I tried. I had no idea I could come up with so many ways to alter the transfer to test where the fault was, but I lost count at six. Because then, for whatever reason, it worked again. And again tonight, so here's hoping it was just a temporary glitch. 

And as for today’s image – wow ! If I’d seen her on the shelf at Mal-Wart (yeah, right, like that’d happen !), I’d have put my $20. down so fast, the cashier and I would have matching paper cuts. I’m not usually a big fan of repaints – some are gorgeous, some are frightening, some are, I’m sorry, ugly to me, and I’m so darn sick of sugar skull inspirations I could spit – but I would gladly shell the $75. for that Jinafire. I normally like big-eye dolls, but not Blythe big, ya know ? And to me, Jinafire by Mattel has buggy, almost wall eyes more like a fish than a fantasy dragon. This one is maybe a bit sexier than I’d normally go for, but it’s such a change over the standard one, I can’t help but wish for it. This lovely repaint isn’t for sale, but you can see other works by the artist at No Nap Time, including crochet MLPs !

Can’t tell yet if I saved a t-shirt from the rag-bag or for the rag-bag. I’ve had a purple tee for so long that I remember tearing out the itchy tag. Yup. It had tags ! But the last couple times I tried to wear it, the neckline still picked and bugged me, even with the collar torn open, the last vestiges of the tag dug out, and the collar resewn. I couldn’t even wear it around the house for very long without pulling it off and muttering that it was gonna be doll clothes soon. Seemed a shame, though, it really was a pretty color on an otherwise very comfy shirt.

Got tired of moving it out of the way in the ‘house wear only’ drawer, then got tired of shoving it to the side around the Arena, and got busy on it today. Cut the collar completely out, ran a line of stay-stitching a half inch from the newly raw edge, then folded it over on the stitch line and sewed it a quarter-inch from the stitches. Then ran two lines of zig-zag stitches to hold the raw edge down, and poof ! New shirt that doesn’t constantly prickle the back of my neck ! Whether or not it goes into the closet as a regular shirt or back into the ‘house wear’ drawer remains to be seen, but I kinda like the new neckline ! It seems like I fixed the problem, so it may be another couple of years before it becomes a doll ensemble.

I also found some wood glue while cleaning off the dining room table and fixed my craft tote stick bag. It’s often called a knitting bag, one of those fold-up totes you find at Hancock Fabrics – that’s where it came from. You can see it in that Law & Order photo with Ginger-kitty. It’s that red thing in the hallway. While it was sitting around storing tulle, two of the support sticks became unglued and fell out of their corresponding holes. It’s fixed and dry now, although I’m not sure what to do with it yet. If I actually went anywhere, I’d make it an ‘on the go’ craft tote, but for now, it holds my library books for Tuesday.

And yes, the winds have spoken, and I have tomorrow after Beloved Hubby’s drawing class all to m'self ! Dearest Son’s riding up with him to DM & FIL’s, and back after his course work – and when they’re home, we’re doing a little shopping. Probably just Wal-Mart, but I’m looking forward to it !

Now, if PineCone could just pay me for that second survey I did this weekend, I might be able to snag something for my selfish self… But first, it’s back to the prototypes with that body/ swimsuit pattern ! Wish me luck, I’m soooo close…

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