Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fork Bow !

Current Mood : Glad I'm still capable of learning. Especially from mistakes. 

My best fork bow yet !
I wish I had some better forks, though...
Ever work on something for a ridiculously long time, then realize what you should have done in, say, Step #2, would have saved you a laughable amount of time, if you’d just been bright enough to think of it, or worse, simply remember it ? (sigh)

That’s kind of where I am with my stupid-simple slide slippers. I should have knocked this out and had it done to near-perfection several trials ago. But I didn’t realize where I kept mucking up. It’s classic doll shoe-making procedure to trace the doll’s bare foot when you start – especially when the doll doesn’t come with or even have shoes. If the doll has shoes, you save y’self a buncha time by simply tracing the sole. D’oh ! I completely forgot that. Didn’t remember it at all until I saw shoe tutorials for American Girl dolls on someone’s Pinterest, whatever that is. Yeah, I have a vague idea, but I haven’t figured out Tumblr yet, I don’t need any more strange collecting websites.

Now, to my credit, half the MH shoes don’t have full soles – they often end just past the ball of the doll’s foot. Still…yeah, it would have helped a lot if I’d have found a full-sole shoe and traced it to get the right shape.

So I did that today. Figured that the LIV slippers I boiled to fit Robecca would be about right, and they were – it’s just that, whenever I cut out a pattern, I always go big. Always outside the lines instead of inside. Knowing that, I sewed four new edits, and I’m nearly there  – version 7.0 is soooo close ! – so I should have it and be able to share it before it gets into a double-digit version.

And just for kicks, I took the purple bow off Robecca’s Dance Class wrap-around skirt. It just looked too Barbie for me. I’ll probably tack it to her pajama top later this week. Saw how to tie tiny bows using a fork, and it works ! Turns out, there’s several versions, but I liked this one – after two tries, mine looked pretty good ! No more buying pre-tied ten for a dollar packets at craft shops, I can make my own. With some of the parsecs of ribbon I already have !

We also went out to dinner, so my tummy’s happy and full. I’m also half-asleep. I think I’m gonna break open a Deluxe Fashion set tomorrow…probably Robecca’s, and I wanna be well-rested for it ! 


  1. LOVE that ribbon!!! Believe it or not I have yet to even attempt the fork bow...must give it a whirl this week!

    Can't wait to see your slippers...girl I know all about the head aches that come with shoe making!

    I am definitely going to pick up the fashion packs at some point, so until then I can't wait to see yours!!!

  2. I make bows by hand, but didn't know about this technique!!!! Def gotta try this out~