Thursday, January 17, 2013

And finally... Ghoulia !

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While shuffling dolls around yesterday, I decided to take the ‘Nanny 911’  Bratzillaz accessory pack cloak off Carlin, my CAM sea monster. Still not sure what I’m gonna do with it, I just can’t take that cape seriously, but the fabric’s too in scale to ditch without a fight. Anyway, the dress underneath wasn’t much to see either. I should know, I made it. That baggy fit on her was just bugging me today, so I wondered if it’d fit the Midnight Magic clones… and it did. Slightly snug across the butt, but I’m not whining. A few other clothing trades later, I had everything about where I wanted it.

And, yeah, two of the three MMagic dolls will also be moving on soon. I wanted to keep them, decided to do so – but got defeated by simple space limits. The shuffling got them both dressed in something I can easily part with, and freed up a Barbie dress for that one cheapie doll I bought for her pants that Dearest Son had running around commando. At least she’s not waist-down nude anymore !

Ginger-kitty and I are gonna fight if she doesn’t stop knockin’ over my dolls and the clock to get into the window. Now that there’s an approximate four inches of space over there, she simply has to be in it if she’s awake. But if all the cats in windows I see throughout the buildings – in our pet-free complex – are any indication, she’s following a basic feline instinct of some sort.

It was a glorious almost spring-like day – no real wind, sunny, and mild. Almost sixty degrees ! It was so nice, I checked the humidity. Spray-painting doll props needs an above 50-degree day with less than 88% humidity, and today was it ! It wouldn’t be this nice for another week. If I wanted the duplicate Operetta single-fashion shoes repainted brown, it was now or wait a while. (grin) Must’ve been Fate, since we had a just-emptied ramen box, ready to go !

I also obtained a second pair of those lavender  ‘chain knit’ Dot Dead Gorgeous  Spectra shoes from Marian, and I love them, but don’t need two pairs the same color. Dearest graciously let me use some of his aubergine car paint for a quick spritz while the spritzing was good. The Operetta shoes came out great as usual, with minimal touch-up. Man, that Fusion ‘Textured Sparkle’ is good stuff. I’m also the owner of a sparkly brown ramen box, which is also quite pretty. It can be argued that Fusion texture paints tend to overwhelm or engulf details, but I honestly hated those shoes, so the less they look like the originals, the more I like ‘em.

The car paint is, of course, model paint, and I’d tell you what the shade and brand is, if Dearest hadn’t ripped off the label when he first used it. I was kind of hoping for a purplish burgundy result, but got more of a deep grape soda color. I’m not complaining ! After the Ghoulia Deluxe Fashions photo shoot’s complete, I’ll snap an image of them, before and after. They should be dry and ‘settled’ by then !

That just leaves one pair unchanged – only because I don’t have what I want for them. I thought I was buying Skull Shores ‘color’ Frankie Stein’s slides, but I didn’t look close enough. They’re actually SS Cleo’s ! Whoops. Oh, well, they were still dirt-cheap, and all I’ll need for a ‘new’ pair is a gold Sharpie. Since most of Cleo’s palette is gold, sea blue, and black, and the original pair is sea blue, I’m gonna use an oil Sharpie pen to make her a gold pair. Soon as I get to an office supply place or stationery section that 1) sells individual pens and 2) has gold in stock. Should check Hobby Lobby when I get to go next, although I haven’t a clue when that will be. That tone tends to sell out quickly around here. Anyway, I think they’ll look great gold. Won’t Nefera be sooo jealous ?

With all that sprayin’ goin’ on, Dearest decided to paint one of his cars, and we finally used up the aubergine. We used the Fusion on the interior. It already looks better than the metallic blue exterior and black interior that it came with !

And I finally cracked open the last of the Deluxe Fashion Packs I bought last year – the one I most wanted, Ghoulia’s ! I think her ‘casual’ selection looks pretty good on her. Although I really hate the ‘drip’ motif, it’s really neat on these pants. May have to remove her shirt’s ‘brain’ bow and re-center it, but I love it, and it’ll coordinate that shirt with about half her Mattel-made separates. I love how simple the collar is. Love the little cherry vest, too, but like the time I tried to sew my own, they tend to sit waaay back on the doll unless it’s made much bigger than this one is.

As for her accessories, for some reason, I like this ‘brain’ purse when I haven’t liked the others, possibly due to its shape. It doesn’t look that much like a brain. More like a purse made from her ‘brain puffs’ snack accessory from the Dead Tired line. I don’t know why Mattel insists on giving her blue or partially blue shoes, possibly to coordinate with her hair, but I’d have rather they just be all black or black and red. Could use them with more dolls and clothes that way. Ah, well, that’s what paint and Sharpies are for – customization !

I still don’t like her earrings. They kinda creep me out, the whole ‘worms and the undead’ thing. What ranks is, they really look adorable on her. I’ve given some thought to sanding down the worm segments and painting them, but that’s a lotta work for a half-penny’s worth of plastic. I’ll probably bag ‘em and throw ‘em in the ‘pitch ditch’.

Tomorrow, her dress ! See ya’ll then ! 

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  1. Love Ghoulia's fashion pack, I'm glad I picked it up when I saw it. It seems to have disappeared around here.