Sunday, January 6, 2013

I think I finally have the sand outta my gears...

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Ya’ll know that when I keep skipping entries, they’re late being published, and they don’t really say anything,  I’m working something out. Which I am. It’s stupid and narrow because it’s personal, but since this is a personal blog…well, here’s the truth.

I’ve been driving m’self crazy again, hunting down dolls, trying not to get gouged or pay scalpers, digging up clothes sets, chasing after tiny detail things, figuring out how often I can get Venus-diesel to go shopping… Arrrgh. The worst part about it is, I’m even looking at dolls of characters I already have ! What madness is this, I don’t even…

Over the holidays, my ‘collection’ burgeoned to 45 MH dolls total. Of the ghouls, that includes seven Ghoulias (which subheads down to two Signature, two Roller Maze girls), five Frankies, and three of darn near every other major character. I have several with dust in their hair – and I’m goin’ nuts looking for more ?! What the heck ?

Part of the problem is that there’s so many dolls, I can’t get to some. I dressed my original six (plus Abbey) in Fearleader / Swim Team outfits, posed them on the school playset bleachers, put ‘em up on the high shelf, and that was that. Well, that’s a wrong answer.  I don’t even want the new characters, I have an abundance already of the ones I like best - what’s gonna be so special about more of what I’m already neglecting ? No, I have an idea. If I play with what I got, the ones I cherished first, I think the magic will return and I won’t waste more money. And I’ll have lots more time to sew !

Same goes for Mattel clothes. Sure, it’d be nice to have the pajamas from each Dead Tired doll. But PJs and nightgowns are nothin’ to make. Could make a set in less time than it takes to get outbid on the few I don’t have. I’m probably still gonna squander on shoes, ‘cause I still can’t make those with any real success. Even the super-simple slides aren’t quite there yet, although it’s great that I can customize the finished ones with magic markers and highlighters !

Thing is, I already did this with Barbie, not that long ago. I got in with a group of fans, and the buying frenzy ramped up before I knew what I was doing. The group I hang with now considers 45 dolls a good starting point. Some of the denizens have more than that, and they’ve only joined in last year ! Well, I’ve learned – or should have, at least – with Barbie that I don’t need hundreds to enjoy my favorites.

I’ve already concluded that 42 is about right for me. Not too many, plenty to enjoy, lots to sew for, not so many I have to shuffle to make space when I put a doll back. But even the clothes I have for ‘em are starting to fill up the available space. Gonna hafta get over my fears and begin selling soon – need more practice !

So, in the next few days, I’ll decide which dolls are moving on to what’s next, which patterns I want to sew, and I sooo want to play more. I feel more energized about this than I did about buying stuff !

Now that all that’s resolved – I feel a lot better about opening up these Deluxe Fashion Packs ! Yaaay !  Decided to go with Robecca’s set, ‘cause she’s never had any fashions at all from Mattel. Sad, since she’s such a gorgeous doll ! I kind of think of this as her ‘pirate’ outfit, and hope one day to make a wicked cool ‘Captain Hook’ blue coat to go with it someday soon. The shoes are nice and soft, easy to put on and take off, and they really look in vogue for her ‘steampunk’ aesthetic. Her shorts are tight and tiny, though, but they have gold gears on them that are just too cool. Love those gears !

Ya gotta take her hands off to get the shirt on, but it’s one awesome blouse ! Just kinda wish it – or the shorts – were a bit longer, as they don’t meet. Her hand is kinda covering the strip of belly showing. I could use her eyepatch as a belt somehow, or the other belt in the pack, but I wanted to use the belt with the dress tomorrow.

The eyepatch/belt is really the selling point. And it is a great one ! The ‘chain’ is so detailed, semi-transparent, and looks incredible on her. Waaay too big for her waist, though – I’d have to use a clear elastic to cinch it in the back. Also, dangling from the ‘chain’ is a gear earring to give it some stability. She comes with an additional earring in gold. Well worth the $13. MSRP I paid, in my opinion.

Tomorrow, Robecca’s dress ! 

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