Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun with spray paint - results !

Current Mood : Weird. 

This is actually the best photo of the newly-painted shoes – wish the brown ones had shown up better. They look great with those brown dresses I stitched up a few months ago ! Still have to hit that purple pair with some acrylic clear gloss, but I think they came out great.

Sewed up trials #4 and #5 of the MH swimsuit, and I am soooo close. Made another tweak to #5 – which I only sewed one back piece, instead of both – and there’s a good chance that’s it. The legs gap a bit, but I’m hoping that’s more due to my sewing instead of the pattern. Plus, it’s a really tiny gap…

While tomorrow won’t be a ‘me’ day, since Beloved Hubby’s classes kinda snuck up on us, we forgot to make arrangements, I hope to sew up the next few trials. The hardest part is hemming up that leg hole, it darn near gives me headaches. But it’ll do my psyche a world of good if I get a successful trial before the weekend.

We picked up Dearest Son’s site-to-store at Mal-Wart, and… no Catrines. I’m actually rather happy about that. I’m still not really sure I want or need another doll, especially now. Ginger-kitty seems to have a personal vendetta against Skull Shores Ghoulia, she’s knocked over or on the floor nearly every day. And I’ve moved her several times ! 

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