Thursday, January 3, 2013

Darn addictive 'Star Gems' app game...grumblemutter....

Current Mood : Knit-picky.

The only thing I could see to do with the last Dollar Tree doll outfit, which didn’t come close to even remotely fitting with or without being taken in, was to take it apart. One surprising thing was that the bodice, elastic and skirt were all sewn together and gathered with just one line of stitching. True, it was poorly stitched and didn’t hold for long just trying the thing on a couple times, but doing all that with just one pass with the sewing machine needle is far beyond my skills !

Figured I’d start with the shirt part, that big and blousy thing. Fray-checked the armholes and cheap-serged the neck opening and hem, split it open down the back, and added some Velcro ™ strips. It was still kinda big, even with taking a half-inch for the closures, so I took in the side seams a quarter inch on each side. Still loose, but fine for now.

I’ve lucked out that the skirt part is one strip of fabric, instead of two. Once I make up my mind what kind of skirt I want, I’ll press it flat and cut it out like any other pattern and fabric. I should keep it gathered and fluffy, but I figure it’ll be a narrow skirt with a waistband instead. Just kinda not in a mood to sew it now.

It’s ridiculous how much time I spend on silly ‘gem’ games on the Tablet. I’ve had to stop trawlin’ for free books when I hit triple digits and only finished three…but I spend an hour a day playin’ stupid games like Star Gems. Got up to 310,000 points, though ! Darn addictive thing…

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