Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well, shoot. I'm not sure what to do now...

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Was shuffling my MH dolls around, pulling the five I’ve decided not to keep, when I started to wonder… that ‘Etsy’ dress I made that was just a little too big for the MH crew – what can I do with it ? I want to make it again, so it’ll fit correctly. But on the second version, I’d like to widen the shoulder straps, change the order of sewing it up slightly, and try sewing a quarter-inch seam instead of the slightly narrower one I used in the first trial. Maybe that’s all it needs, because it really is a great dress, it’s just a twinge too big on the target doll.

Bu….I still have those Midnight Magic ‘Lovely Patsy’ knockoffs, too. At a complete loss trying to figure out what to do with them. The blue one with the blue and purple hair has assumed the identity of Lagoona’s Ocean Nymph mom, but the other two just kind of stand around. Their legs are so cheaply made, I’m afraid to seat them – I’ve heard several tales of their legs snapping and falling off at the hips ! And while ‘Lagoona’s Mom’ works because traditionally, nymphs are eternally young, the other two dolls (who have the same exact face, just different eye color decals) look too young to be anything besides more students… I keep thinking I’ll put them up for sale, but I didn’t pay much for them to begin with, and I’d hate for them to break at someone else’s house. So they just sort of hang around.

You can tell where this is going, right ? The MMagic knockoffs are too big for MH clothes, and too small for Barbie outfits. This first-draft dress is just too big to look good on MH dolls. Yup. It fits the MM dolls like I made it expressly for them. I’ve been hesitant about making / adapting patterns for them when I wasn’t sure I was keeping them, but knowing this…now I wonder if all I need to do to sew for them is to back the seam allowance to as narrow as I can sew it. Don’t even have to print out new patterns ! I’ll have to try a few more items, like pants and shirts, but I’m kinda excited about the possibility.

MM dolls aside, I only did some small sewing today. Sewed new seams in the Dollar Tree socks DLaura modeled for us Friday, so they fit better, attached Robecca’s Dance Class skirt bow to her orange/purple/pink heart DTree pajama top, and removed the neck bow from her Deluxe Fashion Pack dress. I think it’s much improved.

I also learned that if I leave the tails long enough on a fork bow, they make great doll headbands. I just sew some elastic to the bow tails to make the loop and snug the fit. I can also add a stitch or two to the center of the bow, so it doesn’t come untied. Made the one pictured today, just to go with that dress. Too bad the MM and MH dolls don’t have the same size head. 

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