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Don'cha just wanna hug him ?

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Current Image Notes : New webisode, although it raises more questions about Gil's parents than it answers, and is actually another 'clip' show. 

I (heart) Slow-Moe !
And I got a good image to use when I decide to
knock off those letterman jackets ! 
Me and MH fandom, it’s a love-hate thing. Sometimes I think it goes beyond that, but I don’t wanna examine it too closely.

Quoted from Monster High Dolls’ Facebook page today :

Miss Ashley comes with good news! Thank you so much! 

Oh dear... Hold on to your wallets guys & ghouls, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
Toy Fair 2013 in New York during the first week of February, and a new multi-MH doll display will be exhibited. Here are a few of them:

Scaris City Of Frights Lagoona and Cleo – 

Skultimate Roller Maze Draculaura –
Dot Dead Gorgeous Frankie, Venus,Cleo,Clawdeen, Robecca-
Picture Day Clawdeen –
Ghouls Night Out Howleen, Lagoona, Spectra and Rochelle –
Dance Class Rochelle Goyle –
13 Wishes Gigi Genie, Twyla, Frankie, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Draculaura,
Cleo's Oasis Beach and Spectra's Haunt the Casbah Play Sets –
Dead Tired Spectra, Robecca, Lagoona,
Spectra's Creepy Bed, Lagoona's Shower and Draculaura's Die-Ner Restaurant –
Classroom Double Cleo and Ghoulia Mad Science, Heath Burns and Abbey Home Ick –
New Characters Heath Burns, ─░nvisi Billy, Catty Noir, Wydowna Spider –
Create A Monster Werewolf Boy and Sea Monster Boy –
Color Me Creepy Howleen And Lagoona –
Music Festival Clawdeen HipHop, Abbey himalayan, Venus Plunk –
New I Heart Fashion Wave 2 (Shoe Set) Clawdeen and Draculaura

That is in no way official – it’s from a fan site. Some of it’s already been proven, like the Die-ner (groan) and Spectra’s bed, while other bits are proven incorrect. For instance, the ‘Color Me Creepy’ line has already been discovered as a Create A Monster, not established character, one. Besides, if past Toy Fairs have taught me anything, it’s that Mattel does NOT bring out the big MH guns for it. They want Barbie and other lines to be the main attractions, and most of the new and astonishing MH stuff gets revealed at San Diego Comic Con. I’ve always viewed that tactic as unnecessarily splitting their forces, but it may be more of a ‘know your audience’ one, as the SDCC crowd, for the most part, could give a care about Barbie unless she’s wearing a DC or Marvel costume.

Maybe I’m going through the same thing again this year, but I still feel m’self pulling away from MH. Very little on that blue-hued list has my interest at all. More playsets and highly character-specific furniture I don’t have space for, themes that are more stereotypical than creative, not to mention done by Bratz not too long ago, characters I already have too many of, and the one character I am allowing m’self to have many multiples of…just isn’t here. Oh, I’m sure Mattel will get the bulk of my spending this year as the past two, but…I’m not as excited about it as I hoped I’d be. No Slo-Moe, gonna be a fight to get the guys, and another Were-cat ? Sheesh. Just seeing ‘Catty Noir’ – oooh, a black cat ! – makes me wonder if and even why I wanted Catrine. More I see others’ photos, the more she seems to have Jinafire’s staring eyes, which aren’t as attractive to me as they could have been. Or I just need to see more out-of-box.

I’m kinda hoping the list is a fake, a hoax, but it sounds true enough to be so. Already proven is a TRU exclusive of Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody in Fearleader costumes. Man, and here I was, kinda regretting letting my Toralei go, just a bit, and it seems we’ll soon be up to our armpits in were-cats. Kinda glad I put the Purr/Meow set back when I was Christmas shopping now.

I just wish I knew why now, I don’t feel the fun anymore…

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