Wednesday, January 2, 2013

McRib food coma...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !

Current Mood : Dawdle-brain.

Well, we’re not off to a good start when I start skipping entries on the second day of the year ! I’m not sure what’s wrong, I’m in a good mood, the new medicine isn’t kicking my can quite as bad anymore, and I even got to trawl Salvation Army for a while, but…I’m still so lethargic, it’s almost criminal. Hope I shake it soon.

Anyway. Beloved Hubby was in a mood for McFood, and I was all for having my second McRib of the season. It’s in the same strip mall lot as Salvation Army, and Wednesday is their usual discount day, so we went. While I didn’t find anything, Beloved found two gorgeous silk ties, and Dearest Son fell in love with a just-slightly-too-big black leather jacket…we got it all for just a twitch over $21. ! Gotta love ‘Half-off All Clothing’ day !

Since I now want to hurry and open the MH Deluxe Fashion  clothing packs, I started in on the fuzzy green tube dress. And found the huge hole right under that orange ruffle trim. When put on a doll for fitting, it’s right where any woman wouldn’t want a bodice hole. I figured it’d be bad taste to add matching tassels to cover up the hole – plus I just plain lack the skill for such tiny crafts – I simply scissored about a quarter inch of bodice right off. The orange trim is even more damaged than the fuzzy green fabric, so I ditched it.

That left me with not much to do with it but alter it to fit, but lemme tell ya, that fabric’s a nightmare to deal with. It stretches in weird ways, and it doesn’t hang right, but I wrestled with it for a good hour and got what’cha see. And, hey, it gives me a way to use those orange recasts of Ghoulia’s Dawn of the Dance shoes I got so inexpensively. The ribbon isn’t attached, so I can change the color or put all-new trim on anytime. I just wanted to use the orange to tie it to the original dress – and give a doll a reason to wear those shoes !

I have no idea how I’m gonna salvage that last DTree dress. It’s a doozy ! The faux-denim skirt with the bodice that has matching socks ? It doesn’t fit for anything, and taking it in’s not the answer. Wish me luck ! 

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