Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I couldn't help it - she followed me home ! (after we paid for her, of course...)

Current Mood : Cute. And rosy pink, just a bit. 

Beloved Hubby was *very* happy that I insisted he take the umbrella with him to his classes today – about an hour after he and Dearest Son (riding up to spend the day with his grandparents) left, the heavy morning clouds overhead opened up and poured on us for hours unceasing. We have another mini-flood just outside the door. Ginger-kitty is ticked.

Anyway. Spent most of my ‘me’ day cleaning up so I could vacuum, then kinda just goofed off for the rest of it. I have no regrets. That floor needed a good cleaning more than my soul, and I’m glad I got it done. I always want to vacuum once a week, but end up feeling ahead of the game when I can say I did it at least once in the previous month.

Before I knew it, my guys were home, and about all I had to show for the day was a clean floor, a cat miffed by having to choose between  scary noisy appliance inside and wet everything outside, and four episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride logged as ‘watched’ on Netflix. The smell of the roasted potatoes I had for late lunch was still in the air. It went sooo well with the ham we cooked Sunday. Beloved Hubby had his paycheck cashed and had spent a bit of it on a tote of tacos ! Yum !

Then we were off on our little shopping expedition. I wasn’t surprised when the space reserved for Catrine was empty as before, but the stock clerk working that section said they’d put out all the MH they had, all day. Ah, well. I’d been looking at Dance Class Lagoona (her bodysuit’d look great on my sea monster Carlin, and I have a weakness for ballet shoes), Scaris Draculaura (I love her shoes and blouse so much !), and DC Howleen (although I wasn’t fond of her animated characterization, she was one I didn’t have multiple times or an earlier version in the ‘not keeping’ lineup) online, and our Mal-Wart had all three in, for the same $13. price. Arrrrgh.

DLaura bowed out early, since I had Gloom Beach in the lineup, and I didn’t much favor buying a doll just for clothes – even if it was cheaper than trying to score them off eBay. And then Lagoona swam off, reminding me that I was supposed to be working on my *own* swimsuit design, thank me very much, and if I really wanted to, I could make my own ballet slippers, too. Howleen just shrugged and looked adorable. So she came home with us.

It’s kind of funny. I bought Howleen, and earlier bought Operetta and Robecca’s Dance Class costumes from various sources. If I do get Lagoona or her outfit later, I’ll have snagged the whole series’ clothes !

She’s already out of box, and cute as a button. I’ve located a few LIV shoes that fit her, and the same shopping trip scored me another Winx wing and shoe set, on markdown for two bucks. She now has a blue triple-bow pair all to herself, and three other pairs besides what she came with. Possibly more, if I can find the Barbie shoe box, she kinda fits those flat ‘gymnast body’ shoes, but the test pair I had sat awkwardly.  

(scoff) At this rate, I’ll end up with Nefera next week ! 

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  1. Wow, I haven't seen her before, she's really cute! Can't wait to see her out of the box!

    Looking forward to seeing that swimsuit you've been working on!