Monday, January 21, 2013

Another day, another swimsuit trial...

Current Mood : Headachy.

Got to make a run to Dollar Tree today – managed to find seventeen things we just couldn’t live without, but about half were food. Their pickles, both sweet and kosher dill, are great ! I also got the new broom we’ve needed, as well as some air freshener and a new wastebasket. I’ve never liked mine, even with the rocks weighting it to stabilize itself and keep my sewing machine pedal from wandering, and when I found a green wire one, it went into the cart.

It was fun spinning around all the Valentine and St. Patrick’s decorations. If I’d have liked any of the designs, I’d have bought a spool of ribbon, but the few that ran horizontal weren’t anything I liked, and the ones I liked ran vertical, not a lotta use in doll clothes. Ours is still thin-stocked after Christmas. The Toys section is still spread out, with maybe one toy per pin, and even then there’s gaping holes of bare wall. No dolls, no doll clothes, no faux ponies – like the MH wall was a few weeks ago, tons of dress-up stuff, no real toys.

Once home, I sewed up the third swimsuit trial – better, but still crotching too wide and overlapping the leg at the front. not quite meeting right at the seam. Finally about have the back right. Made some adjustments to the pattern and I’m ready to go for Version 4,  just not in much a mood to sew it. Had a minor headache for the last few days, and I think it’s weighing me down more than I wanna know.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a hectic one for Beloved Hubby. He has two jobs going, starts school again, and is still teaching the drawing class at the library. I’m just glad I got him to bed early, and I think I’ll join him, and hope that things go well in a few hours. 

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