Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Howleen's Happy Family

Current Mood : Accomplished ! 

Whoo. Finished the vacuuming today – I cleaned our bedroom while Dearest Son cleared his, both of which needed doing for some time. Ran the vacuum and even pulled out the edge tools, and now both rooms are vastly improved. While I had it out, I also redid the living room and dining area. It’s amazing how messy a floor can get 24 hours after it’s been vacuumed !

I’m sure you’ve heard of/ seen the TRU-exclusive were-cat Fearleader squad pack. If not, here’s the scoop – for about the same price as the DLaura / Cleo / Ghoulia TRU set, ya get nearly the same thing, just with Toralei, Purrsiphone, and Meowlody in Fearleader outfits with megaphones and cheesy printed cardstock pompoms. One of the good bonuses about this new surprise pack is that none of the kitties have gloved hands, something that’s evidently long troubled were-cat fans. I didn’t much care, truthfully.

Of course, now that the new set has surfaced, that means that Toralei’s price has begun to plummet on the open eBay market. It could also be, at least in part, due to the passing of the high Holiday shopping frenzy, but I can’t help but think that, when, say there’s 20 DracuLauras, they tend to not skyrocket on the secondary market. But when there’s only one Gil and he was only out for about a week last year, and there’s no plans announced for another one, Gil tends to sell for a much higher price than any one particular DLaura.

So I’m kinda surprised when folks who know all about Toralei 2 try to leverage their signature kitties into even trades for Gil or other rare dolls. Maybe last month, but now that ya know a slightly preferable version is out, it’s kinda embarrassing. Or I’m just weird, and it’s not my deal, so my opinion doesn’t count. But I’ve seen it over and over.

Ah, well. I’m gonna over-pay come June for my Dawn of the Dance Deuce, so it’s all about what yer into. And it’s not like I don’t already have enough to play with ! I’m done with Howleen’s box and I’ve played with her all day – she’s such a cutie ! Mine doesn’t quite have so much ‘tude as the webisode one. She’s more of an adoring little sister than the adversarial one.

If ya want the truth of the matter, what sold Howleen more than anything Mattel ever did is pictured in today’s image. This is also from, same person who did that glorious Jinafire repaint. I didn’t know that ‘til I went searching for the image again. I always feel so much joy in that drawing. I may have to re-create it with my dolls.

And I hope to sew tonight ! Gotta finish the swim / bodysuit pattern, and I hope to make something for Howleen soon. I am seriously contemplating taking the legs off her issue wear and converting it into her swimsuit. Wish me luck with that !

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