Monday, January 7, 2013

Ya did good, Mattel.

Current Mood : Delighted !

Cracked open a new set of scrapbook papers I’ve had sitting around forever for today’s photo. I tell ya, having all that stuff right by my hip makes it so easy to use, I’ve darn near gone through all I have ! It’s funny, though, because these – from Target’s Dollar Spot – really have been sitting around, in the packaging, untouched, for at least three years.

They really set Robecca off, at least I think so ! I love this dress. It’s flirty and adorable and well-sewn, but that bow’s gotta go. It just doesn’t look right with the copper-foil gears. It has a high, ruffled neck that Velcro ™-fastens in the back and leaves her lovely shoulders bare.

So I put the ‘jacket’ on her. I really don’t know what to call the blue and purple ‘diamond’ piece, it’s too tiny to even be called ‘a shrug’. Maybe it’s a vest. Well, it’s really more like the lace-up bodice that goes over the big, fluffy white blouse in a traditional dirndl. Just, no laces. Perfect fit, and so tiny ! I’m jealous of the person who sewed it.

The shoes from yesterday’s ‘Pirate’ outfit work just as well with this lovely dress, and the purse is beyond cute. Matches the very useful ‘clock’ belt and the single earring. Someone really put a lot of thought into her entire Deluxe Fashion Pack, and I love every piece. Even the knobs on her purse are delightful. I’d say that, if you could only get one set, get this one. This dress would look lovely on darn near any of the ghouls.

Not much else going on. While I know yesterday’s ‘big reveal’ wasn’t much to anyone who isn’t me, it’s still very liberating and even a bit exhausting. Finally got some dishes done, and nearly caught up on laundry, but it’s still early in the week ! 

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  1. That dress is my favorite piece from Robecca's set. The shoes are beautiful, but the dress is just so flouncy and fun!