Sunday, January 27, 2013

When you have all the dolls you want, ya start looking at storage options for all their stuff !

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Actually, I want it more for fabric storage. 
Learned a lot today. Dearest Son commented he’d turned his track-pad, built into the bottom edge of his laptop, off. Why, I didn’t know you could ! And I curse at mine at least twice a day, whenever my hands stray and I lose half a paragraph to some random select-and-cut action the thing does, seemingly at random. I never feel m’self touch the thing, but there goes whatever I just wrote, unless I see it fast enough to hit the ‘undo’ arrow before it’s auto-saved. His was a function key, but mine didn’t respond the same way – but I soon found out how to activate the ‘disable’ switch. Yaaay !

I also finally got off my butt and got some stuff put away. Embarrassed to admit it, but when I had to move the MH School playset and all the dolls earlier this month, I bagged up all the pets and props and pieces and shoved the lot into the closet. Problem is, I couldn’t close the closet, and last night, Ginger-kitty decided to knock half my stuff in there over, and conclude her statement by dropping a glass roller-skate onto the bag with the lockers. Still amazed one (or more) didn’t get broken. Those ole Avon bottles are heavy !

So today, I decided to get it all sorted. I kinda hated to, because I wanted to keep some of it out, but my immediate space is pretty packed as it is now. Levered the MH bin off the top closet shelf and got the big stuff in there, mostly Coffin Bean pieces … but once I took apart the desks, carts, and picnic table, that left me with a lotta small, easy to lose pieces. And I wanted to keep the desks, lockers, and the second picnic table where I could get to them easily. The bin still had space, but…

Ah-hah ! You may remember I used to have a bunch of Barbie doll cases. I mostly used them for Lab decoration back then, but several, I really loved. I kept those, and hung them on my closet door when we moved here. Completely empty inside, save for one Midge case I used to store unwanted MH props until I trade, sell, or give them away. Turns out, the school furniture easily fit in the ‘Barbie Goes Travelling’ case with room to spare, and the lockers filled up the other Midge one. The food pieces fit with a baggie of other food bits I kept in the Arena, and I stuffed the extra lockers in the back of the ‘Pets’ drawer of the rolling rainbow cart. Now I can get to it all, but it’s safely out of the way. What a relief !

And I’m really looking forward to getting back on that swimsuit project Monday !

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