Tuesday, January 22, 2013

*Everybody* watches "Law & Order" at our place !

Current Mood : Decisive. 

Ginger really prefers the fourth and fifth season casts. 

Today went pretty well, considering all that had to get done. I’m looking forward to Thursday, ‘cause if all the winds blow right, it’ll be another ‘my time’ day after therapy, and I’m really planning a big one. While I have all my dolls about where I want them, none of ‘em are really displayed right. So I’d really like to have a day to tear it all down to the bare shelves and redo everything with all my props at hand. It’ll be a huge mess underfoot and on every flat surface, so it’ll hafta wait ‘til I’m alone and can wreck up the joint. Thursday would be great, so here’s hoping.

For today, though, I’m focusing on my still slightly off kilter desks. While I love all the light and new space – and I can sew without feeling so cubed up now ! – there’s a few small things about the arrangement that bug me. One is Ginger-kitty, who has accepted the clock in ‘her’ window,  now that I’ve shifted it over slightly, but still knocks over dolls. I’m hoping that can be remedied Thursday.

The other is the clamp-lamp. Shortly before we moved, I bought several clamp-lamps for a buck each at GoodWill, and they’ve been put to good use ever since. Beloved Hubby wedged one in at the window, clamped to the mini-blinds, in a perfect position for sofa reading. Since I now consider that 'my' window (Ginger's opinion notwithstanding) I repositioned the lamp yesterday as a perfect additional light to sew by, but I have to move the chair, grab the desk, and stand on tiptoes to turn it on and off. This often jostled the desk and made dolls wobble. Not working for me. I thought to get a foot-activated switch somewhat like this, so I could activate it that way. They always have those displayed at Christmas, for indoor tree lights – shame I didn’t think of it then. Plus, it kinda ranks to buy a $9. extension cord so I can use a 99c lamp, too.

Since we have to make a Mal-Wart run later this week – one of Dearest Son’s birthday gifts should be in Site-to-Store tomorrow – I figured on getting one then. But then I noticed the cheaper power strip priced under it. No foot switch, although it did have the familiar light-up red on/off switch…and that could serve the same function. Even better, moving the desks had ‘liberated’ one just like that ! Fished it back out from under the sink, applied a zip-strip to anchor the cord where I wanted it, and wouldn’t slide around, and there ya have it. My own free foot switch, and the light problem is completely solved. Yaaay, me !

After I forcibly restrained m’self from clicking my ‘new’ lamp on and off every 30 seconds, I got some housework done. Then I applied m’self to my latest crisis – do I really want a Catrine deMew doll or not ? It seems like it’d be such a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but…I really don’t know. There’s so much going on about it. I’ve already bought one catgirl I ended up not liking, and I don’t want this to become another worry-bruise on my brain. But I know I’ll see everyone else’s photos and end up wanting… about a week after they’re sold out and going for $90. again on eBay. But I have so many now… arrgh. I think what I’ll do is just let it go. No extraordinary measures. If there’s one on the shelf when we pick up Dearest’s order, I can have it. Heck, I kinda~sorta wanted Jinafire ‘til I saw one in the harsh light of retail. Could be the same with Catrine. Already, many have noticed major differences between SDCC –displayed prototype and Mal-Wart exclusive production model, and there’s no telling what I’ll see.

What it really boils down to is this – every time I’ve rat-raced around, trying to find the newest MH doll, I’ve ended up seeing them shelf-sit a couple weeks later. With the exception of male dolls. Those, you really do have to take extreme measures to snag, Mattel makes so few. Seeing the school playset sell for $35. after Christmas really bothered me, especially when I remember acting like an idiot and spending above MSRP – at a retail outlet ! – for it… well, you’d have thought I learned with Barbie, but perhaps I really did with MH. I don’t need the latest (except for the male dolls) soonest – with most ghouls, I can afford to wait a while.

Heck, a few minutes ago, I couldn’t even remember what earrings Scaris Ghoulia wore in-box, and I just got her ! Red zipper-heads, just like the pink ones her signature doll wore. Never could figure out why those were pink, when most of her outfit was red, but at least now, I can rectify that.

Yeah, I think my particular case of MH fever has passed, but the fervor remains. So I’ll see ya if it’s local destiny, Catrine ! 

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