Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hope September is a major improvement...

Current Mood : Still worried.

I SEWED today ! It's crap, I screwed it up from stitch one, and nearly every line of sewing snarled up in some fashion, but it's so finished, it even has closures, and it looks decent from a distance, so amen and halleluiah, it's done. I'm gonna ditch that thread, I think it's cursed (well, it'd been roundly cursed by the time I was done with it !). I also altered a Dollar Tree Barbie knockoff skirt to go with it, so I can claim to have 'created' a whole new outfit. Awesome. 

The pattern, for a shirt and pants, is courtesy of Chryseis85. It came out on Aug 14th, on the MH LiveJournal group, with the pattern on MegaUpload and the directions on LJ on that date. Or you can hit 'download' in the 'Tags' field. I think the group is members only, but they're quite nice there - I've never had any issues that wasn't instantly solved by me thinking past my very centered self ! Here's the link to download - you'll probably have to wait for some BS 'our members don't have to wait to download everything in the Universe' crap, but hey, free pattern ! All the author asks is that you give credit and post any photos of completed items, which I'll do when I'm done here.

I think that, once you see the pieces, you'll be able to tell how the pattern goes together, it's fairly standard, or you could find similar garments for Barbie and substitute those directions. Haven't tried the pants, but the shirt was fairly easy - hem the sleeves, sew one end of the sleeve to the front, the opposite end to one of the back pieces, then repeat on the other side. Hem (I cheated and cut the pieces using the hem already present in the shirt I recycled) and sew the side seams from underarm to bottom hem, then clip curves, turn right-side out, and add your choice of closures. I cheated again and used recycled Velcro (tm). I also didn't hem the neckline, but I Fray-checked it, and need to apply it again. 

It took me over an hour, with all the ripping out and reworking - it probably would have taken less time and looked better if I'd hand-sewn it from the start. But the important thing was, I did it. It's been months since I made anything, and it took me all day to quit stalling and start already. Guess I had to wait until I was about to panic about my health issues again, and needed a distraction fast ! 

Hmm...wonder how this would work up in a non-stretchy knit...?

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