Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleepy-time's back....zzzzzzz....

Current Mood : I mean, I'm always yawning and not paying attention...

Well...things didn't quite go as planned last night, but I got a lot done. Took the first of the daily multiple-vitamins and immediately got this weird 'closed ear' sensation - like someone was holding their hands over my ears, blocking both sound and pressure. Weird. Unfortunately, food still had the same tastes, and the only thing that really changed was my insomnia came back. 

(sigh) Ranks, doesn't it ? I'd been sleeping fairly well since last week, just long enough to miss it when I just lay there like a worn whale at 2am. Was kind of restless, too, so I got up, finished a few stray dishes - Beloved Hubby'd tackled the rest earlier - and watched Muriel's Wedding while adjusting the hems on Beloved's thrifted linen slacks. He hadn't asked me to, but I wanted to do something while sitting, ya know ? I knew I was still too clumsy-handed to machine-sew, so I busily hand-hemmed them between Wedding and The Rebel Set, an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, also on Netflix. It was actually rather relaxing, and it felt good to do something for Beloved, so I was happy. 

Guess it's time to re-find my 'to do' lists, because the pants and dishes were all I could think of to do at the time. Now I can recall hundreds of little things that've gotten blown by the wayside while I've been sick for way too blasted long. Heck, I even have embroidery designs from EmbLibrary - I got a free $10. gift certificate back in July, and selected several lovely designs in time...but never downloaded them. So they're just sitting there, waiting. Pretty sad when a tightwad like me doesn't even have the energy to claim her freebies ! 

But then again, there's two calendars in the house - one's still on July, and one's on May. So I guess nobody should be surprised that things are a bit in need of work around here ! Got four more loads of laundry done, but it's starting to stack up a little. Should be able to get to the closet for hanging apparel tomorrow, if I can bring m'self to begin a third straight day of laundry !

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