Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because three Lagoona Blues aren't enough when there's a fourth with a new hand-mold !

Current Mood : Slight longing...


There's the Lagoona doll I really want. I am in love with her hands and outfit, which drives me crazy when I already have two new Lagoonas in the house - I don't need a third for frivolous bits. But I so very much Want ! She's finally listed on the TRU website, but of course, is out of stock. That's fine. We're broke this weekend anyway, and I don't know yet if Beloved's working or not, so it's not an issue either way. I still have to take and edit the photos I have planned - hands, boxes, etc. - and the comparison / contrast for the lab jackets that keeps getting put off, so my weekend's busy even if just do the stuff I promised weeks ago ! 

And there's plenty of that to get done anytime !

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