Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hope their combination locks are more consistent than mine ever were in high school !

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Whee ! You put three Monster High lockers together long enough, ya don't have to worry about getting the genders right - you get your fourth locker regardless ! Naah, I'm just kidding. Paid $12. or so for a near-complete Lagoona locker set off eBay a few days ago, and it arrived three days later. Awesome. 

It may seem silly, but I had a choice - could shell $15. for a BIN with just the locker and stickers (including shipping), or could bid nearly the same (including shipping) and snag the included spare gargoyle egg, notebook, skullie pen, stickers, and second outfit. So I did the latter, and last I looked, the BIN locker is still there. And I had all the goodies for a couple bucks less - always the way I like it. Lagoona's second shirt is just awesome. Glad I have two of it, I may take one apart for a pattern. Already know I'm gonna take one 'tie' off and use it for a hair accessory.

A few more have come online for sale - guess I wasn't the only one who wanted more than three ! - but the going rate seems to be more or less $15. with shipping, for just the locker and maybe the stickers. Shoot, for an extra $5., ya get a lot more, if the dolls are available locally. Shoes alone would be worth that, and they can always be altered by cutting away or even adding straps, or painted, even with just a good black Sharpie.

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