Sunday, August 21, 2011

I still remember my old 'MoonDreamers' dolls...

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Current Image Notes : This is an actual product - the "Full Moon Odyssey" floor mattress, by Lily Suh of i3lab. Stand it up, it's art, slide it to the floor, it's a fun place to watch movies with the family. Heck with the sleep pod - I want this ! 

I swear, I get so ambitious at day's end - and half the time do next to nothing the next day ! Yesterday, I fully intended to write a full work-up comparison / contrast of the lab jackets, mine vs. Mattel's...and today didn't do squat but move the Mattel one so it wouldn't get tossed out with some random papers. Arrrgh. So forgive me, but the price of actually getting an entry today, instead of next week when I can get to and feel like doing the photos, is for me to admit being lazy and talk about other crap than what I promised. 

It may be that I was still a little wiped out from yesterday. I passed out once we got home, and Beloved Hubby attacked the dishes while I slept. Guilt city, but as he prosaically pointed out, it needed doing, and now it's done. In truth, I feel a little better, and helped with the huge load of trash at least, so at least part of the house isn't a dump anymore. Now I can focus on the laundry this week, and get it knocked out. Slowly but surely, things improve. 

While he napped today, I moved the new green storage ottoman into place, liberating the little table we've been using to hold remotes and inhalers and such beside the sofa. Now, I've been after Beloved to build me a small shelf over by my doll bookcase, to hold the Jem 'Rockin' Roadster' car - it, in turn, holds Inaba, Shinobu, and Michio, my treasured doll family. I figured, with just a bit of shuffling over by that corner, the table could hold the Roadster. It'd be high enough to be out of the way, protected behind MSB Gracie and Baby Chrissy, and the table itself was pretty enough to be attractive as a stand. Since the table part would be centered, and the wheels weren't anywhere near the flat surface, it was stable, too. Done !

So, for $15., Beloved doesn't have to make the shelf anymore, the Roadster's well displayed, the living room looks better, and we have a bit more storage and style by the sofa. Not bad !

Also, rumors about the 2012 MH line are beginning to surface. Recently trademarked 'Sweet 1600' seems destined for a workout - a Barbie collector got a sneak peek, and discovered a line of dolls and even a car bearing that line name in the MH near-future, which ties in nicely to DracuLaura's birthday. Wonder if she'll get a cool pink sportscar - or a hearse ! 

There was also mention of a 'Friday the 13th' line and a 'Make Your Own Monster', which, frankly, we all knew was coming sooner or later. Heck, Mattel sort of already did that with the What's Her Face ? doll series back in 2001. A vanity for Cleo seems to be on the fast-track, too, since she didn't get an actual bed in the 'Dead Tired' line, and it would suit her well. Solid ideas that most fans are already excited about - here's hoping ! 

Well, another day draws to an end, with much I can still do. Cool ! Another reason to get busy !

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