Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedtime ! Best time of the day !!

Current Mood : Still sleepy, believe it or not !

Had today completely to m'self, with orders from Beloved Hubby to rest and enjoy. Laundry, about the only major task remaining, could wait, and we'd spent most of Sunday cleaning house, so... Plus, it's hard to argue with someone handing you such a lovely rose ! 

Amazingly, I slept. It's amazing to me because I got nearly a full night's rest last night, and that's with going to bed earlier than usual. All told, between 8pm last night and noon today, I slept about twelve hours, and even now, I'm yawning. We're lucky to be sooooo far inland, Hurricane Irene has only affected us with news stories and lowered temperatures. I feel nearly human again ! And I pray for those who are squaring their shoulders, bailing out and calling the power co. for the twelfth time today. I hope that's the worst anyone has to deal with in the aftermath. What scares me the most is that it's not really over yet, in some areas. 

I think Beloved's a bit worried about me - then again, I did have a major sort of freak-out yesterday - because after work, he picked me up for a quick run to TRU ! He wanted to check the nearby Hobby Lobby for a certain pen type, and thought I might like to see if anything new had come in. How thoughtful - and a little scary. I'm still shipping plasma, although not quite as heavily as before, and I almost hated to go out like that...but I needed to get out of the house for a while. 

Unfortunately, nothing was new - in fact, they had more old stuff than I've ever seen ! Since we moved, our 'new' TRU is probably one of the oldest stand-alone stores in the state, and, kinda shows. They still had debut Frankie and Cleo & Deuce sets, 'Dawn of the Dance' first runs of Cleo and Frankie, three more Hydration Stations, and a couple Dead Tired dolls. There were two Lagoona locker sets, three Clawdeen bed playsets and at least five three-doll Fearleader packs, but that was all for 'new'. I got a good look at the Fearleaders, and it's a fairly good deal for $42., but ultimately, it's three more nude dolls I'll need to trade or sell, and if I'm gonna spend that much, I'd rather hold out for Lagoona 2.0, maybe Abbey Bominable. 

Yeah, I may be going there after all. I keep hearing her voice actress (from Thursday's new webisode) in my head, thinking 'School not so bad. Better than chasing moose and squirrel all over Himalayas all winter long', and I laugh so hard, I kinda want the doll. It's kind of funny, though - I still have never seen an in-person, actual Abbey or Spectra doll. It's like they simply don't exist here. But, hey, it's not like I don't already have enough dolls and hobbies and housework to take up my free time anyway ! 

But Beloved knows I still want ole 2.0, so he reminded me to keep an eye open on the websites, we can always mail-order one. Neither one of us scored today - they're out of stock on his pens at this Hobby Lobby, too ! Rats. 

Short end note : Oliver, in an effort to pole-vault across my lap for some reason, scratched the crap out of me this afternoon. I did not respond well...and we'll be having a talk with Dearest Son as soon as he gets home.

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