Friday, August 19, 2011

Enjoy what ya got, Dorrie !

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Beloved Hubby sez that we're gonna do a little shopping tomorrow - mostly a 'get out of the house and get a few groceries' sort of thing, more than a 'let's buy fun stuff !' one. That's fine with me - I got three brand-new dolls less than three weeks ago, and I haven't even begun to enjoy them yet. And we'll see what pops up when we're out. I had hopes on finding the 'hang loose' (also known as 'Lagoona 2.0') doll, but I've since discovered that, once again, Target's assigned the same stock number to half the MH stock, so the online checker is useless. I can call, but I just did that a couple weeks ago. Maybe next week, I'll see what's out there. For now, I still have plenty to enjoy - and it's already deboxed ! 

And shoot, to this day, I have still not seen, on retail shelves, either Abbey Bominable or Spectra, so it's doubtful much new is out there. My little doll desert. Kinda ranks when Germany and Scotland Mal-Wart-type shops have more than yer Mal-Wart, Target, and TRUs combined ! But I'm getting used to it. I've amassed quite a bit, imagine what all I'd have if it was all more easily available ! 

Heck, I haven't even reviewed the lab coats yet. Just today took Lagoona's off for the first time, to get a better look at it. It's very well done - and I'm still planning a more extensive investigation - but on the whole, mine aren't bad at all. In some ways, I kinda prefer mine to the official ones. I'm already itching to make more, and a couple for the guys !

And, thanks to great friends with better vision than mine, I wanna say here and now I was wrong - the new Ghoulia 'Comic Book Club' fashion *does* come with the green glasses. So it's firmly back on my 'search and obtain' list, but I'm still not in much of a hurry. Seems there's more in Germany than there are in the US, and I have a bit of a wait to go. That's fine, by then I may have money again !

Plus, I'm a little scared about tomorrow. Beloved knows I'm still sick. Well...he knows most of it. He's got a lot on his plate, so I haven't been bugging him with the worst of it. How out of breath getting a glass of water can make me, or how folding laundry can take hours. But tomorrow, we're gonna be in and out of stores, and the last thing I want is to use what's non-affectionately known as 'the fat-azz carts' - those little power wheelchairs most department stores make available for customers. The one time I have before, it was right before Dearest Son was born, and I was so out of it, I still can't tell you what store it was from, but I remember the stares. I don't want any more stares. But I want out of the house, and I want to go...argh. Wish me luck !

I gave Dearest a set of the MH  stickers a couple days ago, and it's not 'til today that he used them to decorate one of his remote control cars and one of his non-remote Barbie ones. It's so cute to see the 'shield' one on the door to a racing-legend marked Traxxas. He took it with him to his Grandparents' house this afternoon, now that the weather's cooling a bit. Poor guy wasn't feeling too well either today. I made sure he got lots of rest. 

And I'm slowly getting better. Ate some ramen today, which actually tasted decent for the first time in weeks, but my appetite is still shallow. Felt like I had a bit of energy, though, so I see it as a good sign. Even had a sip of RC Cola Wednesday, something I also haven't been near in weeks, and it was good. Only problem was, it's been weeks since I've had caffeine. Was up all that night, processing it, but it was nice to know I could have a sip here and there again. 

It's aggravating. I don't know what I 'can' eat or not 'til I try it, and nobody likes cooking a meal he or she ends up not being able to enjoy. I end up asking for nibbles from Dearest's pizza or Beloved Hubby's gyro, only to have to tell them everything but fruit and some sweets still taste like ashes. Adding to the weirdness is that water, simple cold tap water, has never tasted better in my life !

I'm probably losing weight, but I'm about out of energy all the time. Ah, everything has a positive and a negative, all the time.

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  1. I totally get the thing with the wheelchairs. My health has been making it hard for me to breath lately and so I can't walk like I used to through big stores like Walmart. I refuse to get in those carts so people can look at me and feel sorry and pity the fat girl. No way. Not doing it. So I fully understand you.