Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sliding into sleepytown...

Current Mood : Drained & sleepy

Glad I decided to let things slide today - 'cause we didn't find any new Monster High merch, and if I'd been all keyed up to seek and buy, I would have been disappointed. Heck, I didn't even find anything at the thrift store, but we found two pair of work pants for Beloved Hubby and shorts and a shirt for Dearest Son. I took things slow and easy, and leaned on a shopping cart when necessary, which helped. For a shopping trip, we really didn't buy much. Some fruit for me, a few snacks, not much. Even Hobby Lobby failed to turn up much interesting. Wish I could fit into a couple of those steampunk costumes Simplicity's got patterns out for Halloween this year, though ! 

Still, by the time we hit Target, I was nearly a liquid. So I had to opt for the motorized carts and ignore the stares. I still hate those things, but it was that or go home, so in the end, I did what I wanted, and I did it my way. No whining ! I'm grateful they were there, so that I could at least tour a bit. 

Of course, I could whine about their MH selection. About all they had were 10+ original Frankie Steins, seven or eight original 'Dawn of the Dance' Cleos, five or six Cleo & Deuce original sets, and a scattering of Gloom Beach singles. Only new item was the $53. GB group, which I simply can't justify. Especially since my Ghoulia already has a swimsuit (albeit a Bratz one, it fits her well). Beloved offered me anything I wanted, but there simply wasn't anything. Sometimes it's best to just fold yer money up and put it back in yer wallet. 

But on the way out of the store, you sometimes find something you weren't looking for. Yup, today's image. I snagged a Storage Ottoman, 15 inches square, in that exact color, for $15. Even Beloved likes it. I can keep doll projects in progress - even dolls on stands, intact ! - in there, and it's much more stable for various sofa-side items than the little table we're using now. That poor little stand. It gets knocked over at least three times a week. But now, I can think of another use for the stand - more later - and get much more use out of the Ottoman, long as I don't sit on it ! The lid makes a neat lap desk in a pinch. While the green microfiber isn't a color match for our beleaguered sofa, it's a texture one, so it looks like it belongs. Beloved's talking about going back for the blue one, since they didn't have a lot in color choice, but they're definitely worth the cash !

Once home, we prowled on leftovers and I pretty much passed out. The peppermint patty Beloved got for me had melted in my pocket, but after an hour in the fridge, it was very tasty ! My taste is still off, which is so annoying. Foods still smell right, and so very delicious, but when I bite in...(sigh) Hate that I forgot to pick up some vitamins, maybe the problem is that (duh !) I'm not eating right these days...

Tomorrow - we look at fun and fashionable lab coats for 2012 ! See you there !

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