Saturday, August 27, 2011

I think I'm actually ready for this Creative Thursday !

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Finally watched Hoarders from Monday - wow. I think I finally understand. Every week, it's the same. The pros from A&E promise the hoarder that nothing they wanna keep will go on the 'Got Junk' trucks while the hoarder's family is filling up the trucks with 60-gallon trash bags as fast as they can. The family knows that once the extreme cleaners are gone - after just two days ? - everything left unresolved is their problem, so understandably, they're gonna lighten the load as much as possible. 

The pros - especially the psych ones - keep cautioning that one wrong item tossed out will cause the hoarder to shut down, but the whole show depends on somebody taking the reins and tossing the boxes wholesale. I don't think it's ever the professionals, it's always a family member. Closest A&E's come to that is calling local social services when the intervention failed spectacularly. 

Honestly, the hoarder's SOL either way - if they don't get the garbage and crap out on their own (within two days, with minimal therapy - umm, that can happen), they'll usually lose their home. If a family member doesn't do it for them, they'll usually lose their home. I just wish they'd be more honest with the hoarder to begin with. They can't keep everything. No one can, not ever. And it's never the pros who take the reins on the trash, it has to be a family member. I can understand the reasons behind that, but it doesn't play well in the previews. The A&E folks may do the dirty ('dead flat rat') work, but they always leave it to the family for the messy psychological resolution stuff. And even then, it rarely works. 

And, as is usual after a Hoarders binge, I was ready for some cleaning. After a shower - lots of 'ick' in this week's episode. What to clean...I'm really sick of laundry. Now, the mess on my 'cutting table' (i.e., the dryer, with a rotary cutting surface on top) had been there since mid to late May, mostly cutaway from those last-minute badges I had to redo just before Beloved Hubby's Invasion, with new fabric and other bits mixed in. No way was I sewing anything until that was cleaned up. I'd realized the green ottoman we got for me last weekend could easily hold dolls, projects, two blankets, lotsa stuff when we got it, but now, it seemed perfect for my loose, inspirational fabrics ! Could still keep the smallest bits in the overhead bin, but the neat pieces would be right there, hopefully keeping me off the sofa and encouraging me to go make something elsewhere. 

It took two hours to get it all sorted, but it was done, even the machine embroidery interfacing and cutaway bits were put away. I'm hoping to sew next week ! Funny how being able to see the cutting surface can be so encouraging and inspiring...

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