Sunday, August 28, 2011

Icky mostly-medical subject matter - you may wanna skip this one !

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Hard to believe it's nearly the end of August. I'm really waffling about today's topic, which is why it's so late. Fact is, if I wanna get fully healthy again, we gotta do something we really hate, so everyone's sorta draggin' our heels about it. Plus, I hate to admit defeat and panic, but I'm out of options.

What it boils down to is that Oliver-kitten is either going to have to find a new home, or he'll have to be an indoor/outdoor kitty like DC. (sigh) Which really isn't fair to either cat. DC has treasured his independence since before we moved here, and it works for him. He's a solid cat, and he reminds me so much of my beloved childhood kitty - heck, even getting him 'fixed' (I hate that euphemism) didn't change his lifestyle. We kind of expect the same with DC. 

However, Oliver's been brought up inside, more or less, yet his aggressive nature hasn't dialed down yet. He's almost Siamese-touchy, and I really don't need to fear a feline's mood swings. Still, here's the real issue - I'm wheezing constantly now, even with the filters and a weekend-long housecleaning, still can't have him anywhere near my face or our bedding, and (deep breath) a scratch he 'playfully' administered a few days after his arrival has gone infected, and it's pretty bad. I admit to having a full-scale panic yesterday, since my body's doing what it can to protect me, but it's alien, since I've never really had a bad infection before. Even when my tummy split open after the cyst surgery, it never got infected at all. Now I have what was this little two-inch scratch - that was treated with rubbing alcohol and first aid basics when it happened - that's developed into a crater on the back of my leg, and my system is dousing it in plasma, 24-7. Not even gonna tell ya'll how icky that gets. Thank Everything I can get away with knee-length house-gowns most days. 

As for the scratch site, I fully admit to yesterday's panic and the ensuing three hours of wound research...that didn't amount to much besides 'keep it clean, keep it dry / keep it moist, see a doctor if the site streaks yellow'. Which it isn't. It's not even slightly warmer than adjacent skin, but it kinda hurts randomly, usually as if someone's stuck a long pin in it. And all this plasma means I have to be careful where I sit or even stand, there's that much of it. Yet other body 'systems' are unaffected. I'd be more concerned if I wasn't feeling better, or had other issues. 

So I'm giving it a few more days, and if it's not improved any at all, we'll see an urgent care physician, if mine can't do much. (sigh) This crap always happens on Rent Week, ya know ? (grin) We're talking to Dearest Son about it, who predictably ain't happy, but eventually it'll get down to 'momma or the cat', and I'll try not to act hurt when he chooses Oliver, or waffles a lot.

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  1. Wow, if the cat affects you that badly it's unfortunate that your health comes first. I hope he can understand it enough when you explain it to him. Kids are resilient and hopefully he can become an in/out kitty