Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, here's hoping.

Current Mood : Kinda always seems like I'm worried about meds lately...

Busted butt today and got four loads of laundry - including part of a fifth languishing in the dryer - washed, dried, and put away. The dirty clothes pile in our bedroom looks less like an out-take from Hoarders, although there's about four more loads still to go, but I'm happy. Saving the airsoft uniforms for last, though, and I already have tomorrow's lined up and waiting. Should have it all done by Wednesday evening. It's the least I can do since Beloved Hubby took out all those dishes.

He came home today, pale and rubbing his head, but laden with groceries and Dearest Son. I'd done some research last night, and discovered what may be giving me so many issues - a zinc deficiency. It's common for people who've been on diuretics for a long time, will affect taste, and one of the 'early warning' signs is hair loss. Hm. I've had a bit of hair loss, attributed it to age and potential menopause, and moved on, but now I wondered...I didn't have the little white marks on my nails, but if there was even a small chance that this was it, I wanted to try. Told Beloved this morning, figuring later this week, we'd hit CVS or Walgreen's.

Instead, along with the milk, bread, canned ravioli, and soup, Beloved got me a daily multi-vitamin with zinc, and some fresh plums, prunes, and more eggs. He looked it up on his cell phone at the grocery store - how thoughtful ! I immediately grabbed a plum and a vitamin, read the label carefully, checked drug interactions with what I already take online, and deduced that a daily multi would be safe.

What's funny is, I feel a little different already, and it's only been a couple hours. I don't feel so dehydrated, and I was actually hungry at dinner. Things still taste off, but somehow not as much, so I can't help but think that's improving. I was so wiped out from laundry that I could barely put groceries away, but I've perked up enough since then that I sent Beloved to bed after dinner. I wanted to do that anyway, but I was so out of it, I was worried about keeping up with Dearest. Not an issue now - and there's only an hour or so before bedtime.

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