Friday, July 1, 2011

Smidge is the sweetest ! Love everything - thank you !!

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July. Finally. I'm hoping all the health issues that drove me insane and sleepless can clear up this month ! Plus, my silly birthday is between today and the 4th - I'm usually coy about the exact date 'cause I don't want anyone to feel they gotta do anything. Heck, I barely do anything on 'my day', why does anyone else feel they have to ?

That said, Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son offered to do whatever I wanted, get me anything I liked today, but it's the same ole story - what I want isn't available yet, so I'll have it as soon as it is. Meanwhile, I'm still fairly weak and my jaw continued to hurt, so as far as any celebrations going on today, forget it !

Meant to tell ya'll - I had a bid on a small Ghoulia lot from her 'Dawn of the Dance' doll that ended today. It was the DVD of 'New Ghoul in School', her red iCoffin, and the much-wanted red glasses. Since it started at a mere 99c with free shipping, I totted up numbers and put in my max of $10. or $11. - still kind of a lot, but still cheaper than either of the new red-glasses Ghoulia dolls out there, and Dearest wants the DVD. During the last hour, I fell asleep on the I totally missed that the auction closed at over $22. !

I couldn't believe it ! Twenty-two bucks and change for a lousy 30-minute DVD, a tiny plastic phone, and a pair of doll glasses ? That was all there was ! No doll, no clothes, no shoes, just those three tiny things. Sheesh. Now I'm glad I lost, since I can ask for 'Dead Tired' Ghoulia for my 'tide you over' birthday present, while I'm waiting on the Classroom ('locker') dolls. And since the DTs are $12.99 at TRU this weekend, I'll have the glasses for much cheaper - and a whole outfit and a new doll, too !

But that can wait. Because shortly after my crushing 'loss', Dearest brought in an envelope for me. Awww - Smidge-chan sent me the glasses from her LIV dolls - and more goodies besides ! There for a minute, it was like my birthday ! She thoughtfully included a baggie of various doll shoes, in hopes that some would fit the Monster High crew - and some do ! - and three awesome pairs of glasses, in pink, blue, and 'Deal With It' Wayfarer black. There was also a lovely sundress, a skirt, and a shirt I've been trying to snag since the first time I saw it on a LIV girl, because I had a similar one in the very late 80s - now I had it, and I didn't even ask ! Smidge is psychic...

Sorry my photo isn't up to my usual bad standards, but I did the best I could - I just don't have any mental ability for lengthy Photoshop corrections today. I have hopes...But I do love this sundress. I may take it up a bit on the sides, it's a bit large, but it looks great on Ghoulia - thank you so much, dear Smidge-chan ! I'll post the rest of the goodies tomorrow. She really sent me a fantastic package, enough to bump me off the Great  Ghoulia Glasses Hunt for at least a few days !

It's said a great gift gives to many - and I bet my Beloved Hubby loves this, too ! He enjoys anything that keeps him away from TRU on weekends. My eyes are all starry and filled with hearts. I can't thank you enough, but know that I love it all - and especially your thoughtfulness !

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  1. Ghoulia looks good in her new goodies. I hope you feel better and a good surprise usually helps w/aches