Friday, July 15, 2011

Flappin' through Friday...

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Until last night, I thought the perfect kitten toy was loose airsoft pellets. They're cheap, they're everywhere if you have an airsoft fan in the house, and they're unpredictable - move a shirt to the laundry pile, and you just unleashed 20 or more ! And you'll be hearing that skittering bounce-and-roll for days.

It's good, but there's something better. Got three of 'em in last night. And Oliver-kitten went nutz. Truly the best cat-toy anywhere has to be a flight of half-dead, semi-suicidal Junebugs, attracted to oblivion by the steady thread of your porch-light as you wait for Beloved Hubby to come home. The poor brown husks were already a memory by the time DC stopped in this morning for a snack and kitten-lesson, but Oliver really enjoyed them. That may be why I found all three in a single cardboard box, one that'd been used to ship a product evaluation here last month. I really need to clean this place...

If Junebugs are the day's thrill, you can imagine the rest of the hours. One interesting bit - I'd forgotten to put ice water in the freezer last night, so ended up drinking soda. I'd much rather have the half-frozen ice and water combo, but... anyway, it's been days since I had actual caffeine soda, but after a lifetime addiction, I didn't think much of helping m'self to a half-glass late this afternoon. Until my ankles started to swell up and get a bit painful. And that's hours after I took my daily diuretics ! Weird. They're still a bit puffy, so I think I'll go back to ice water, and trust that fat ankles will remind me to keep that going !

Someone on LiveJournal reposted photos she'd seen on FaceBook of the new 'Classroom / locker' dolls that I yearn so much for. So they're on the way - hopefully we'll have money by the time they get here, we still don't have half the new ones that were out weeks ago everywhere else. Haven't mentioned them to Beloved Hubby yet, he's already stressed and doesn't need my tugging at his sleeves right now. I already know it's a quiet home weekend, and that's fine with me. I got tons of housework, and I miss my sewing so much, I took apart an old doll dress without thinking about it at about 5am this morning. Hey - new material !

Anyway, the Classroom Assortment - that seems to be the most 'official' name for them so far - packaging is amazing. I really want. These are the boxes that get hung up for display ! Much as I whined and complained about the packaging changing when we got to see that first hotly debated look at the prototype Spectra, I can see how the new design works better for the whole line. I still miss the original, especially when I see my box lineup so far, but I'm not gonna quibble about cardboard (much) when the dolls are this imaginative. 

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