Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking of good things...

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I actually slept last night ! In bed, lying down like a normal person. Yeah, I was rolling my eyes at m'self when I went to bed so early, and I was about to get up an hour later because I was still awake, but the next thing I knew, it was 5am - I'd slept nearly five hours ! Whoo-hoo ! Of course, that didn't keep me from nodding off this afternoon for two more hours on the sofa. That was a really boring movie Dearest son picked out...

Well, ya snooze ya lose, and by the time I realized that had the 'locker' dolls available for mail-order sale this morning, they were sold out. Just as well - we're still broke ! It's still kind of funny, though. Beloved Hubby says we may  be able to do a bit of shopping this weekend, though...

But I doubt we'll have much cash after my medical appointment tomorrow. I was lucky they had an early cancellation I could step in to. Kinda nervous, since so much has changed since last year, most of it within the last two months. Since all I really want (and all we can really afford) is a new set of prescription refils, I don't think I can talk about much.

 I am gonna ask to have my inhaler prescript changed back to Ventolin. The new one, Pro Air, is more difficult to use than I like. Even keeping up with the device cleanings, it's very difficult to tell when or even if I'm getting the medicine, much less if it's a full dose or not. Truly, I can't even tell if they cylinder's still got meds in it or not, it's so hard to detect. And frankly, if I don't know if I'm getting it, I'll end up overdosing just to be sure, which isn't what I need. It's a shame, because Pro Air worked great those first three or four weeks.

DFIL is picking me and Dearest up, dropping Dearest off at his house, escorting me to my (hopefully quick) appointment, then bringing me back home. Whew. That's a lot to ask, but he says he's pleased to help out. While I got one of the appointment times Beloved asked for, he's got more running around to do than expected, and DFIL volunteered, so...  I just hope I let him know how much we appreciate it. Dearest asked if he could stay overnight tomorrow, and with everyone in agreement, he is. Since Beloved's got Friday plans, tomorrow will be our night together.

I don't think I told ya'll this, but here 'tis - there's another big Airsoft game in September. And this one is invitation-only. Guess who's Beloved Hubby already got the nod ? Mine ! He's honored, and a little thrilled, but kinda undecided about going. I'm trying to encourage him, and he's going to a meeting of sorts about it Friday night. Those tend to go on for hours, so I think I'll relax at home, maybe try to sew. That's what I'd really like.

That and a couple oranges, nectarines, a peach, and maybe some mixed nuts...

Oh, and my most recent 'Encounters with Fans that Make Me Sigh' happened today. An otherwise charming young lady described her visit to a local TRU by contrasting it with a group of four 'soccer moms' / 'crazy heifers' who were there at the same time for the same reason - finding and buying Monster High dolls. She described the group as tearing through the store as soon as doors opened, ripping open boxes with car keys, claiming what they wanted and discussing past victory/failures while waiting for checkout lines to open. She'd hung back, grabbed what she wanted, and waited behind them in line, evidently forming such charming bovine-based names for them.

I had trouble discerning what they 'soccer moms' did wrong - or any differently than the storyteller did. One person called her on the 'heifer' comment, which she blithely brushed aside, saying she hadn't been waiting for hours for TRU to open, she was just in the area, and she didn't tear through boxes or race through the store. I guess that's what sets her apart ? She wasn't excited and wasn't expecting much ? She further remarked that she'd rather pay more money via eBay than go through that horrible experience again. I was again at a loss. What was so terrible ? Several fans shop together... or is it because it's at her store, and they might actually find and (gasp !) buy something she wants ?! Before she can get to it ? OH, my. Two other comments apologized for her having to deal with that ( huh ?) and one commented that, with roving packs of soccer moms terrorizing the stores, it was no wonder supplies were limited. I couldn't even formulate a response.

So now, anyone who buys what you want within 50 miles of your house is the enemy ? A hooliganized soccer cow ? Someone who has a bit more time than money to invest in dolls is less than human ? Showing up early and eager with friends who enjoy the same thing is bad ? Sure, maybe opening the shipping boxes wasn't the best thing, but I've seen TRU do that for its more popular toys before, and we've all seen h#lluva lot worse there  the closer we get to December. And if whining about the witch who 'stole your Spectra' in a checkout line is such a horrible offense, you may as well shut down any website that has the words 'Monster' and 'High' within two pages of each other, because that's a constant.

I'm starting to see Shinobu running with her doll again...

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  1. I remember reading a pretty similar entry in a blog popular with the local collectors- a blog that I no longer read, obviously- a good while ago. The blogger was looking around a flea market, and spotted some lady asking a seller how much they wanted for a doll. Not even a doll that the blogger specifically wanted- just some random playline barbie IIRC.. String of mental insults followed, and the insults posted on the blog were just plain disturbing. Comparing the random stranger to a variety of farm animals and worse. Much, much worse, to the point of even wishing misfortune on her. Just because she asked the price. The blogger concluded the note with an airy statement that oh she's just really, really committed to dolls, teehee. Oh and the point of disagreement (or more like point of passive aggression) doll, which the blogger did end up getting, was resold immediately. Not one person called her out on that disgusting entry, and her blog remains one of the most popular with local collectors.
    Sorry for the rant, I know it's only tangentially related. I guess you just can't expect everyone to be decent people just because they like something you like.