Monday, July 4, 2011

Maybe 'Dead Tired' Ghoulia will help me sleep - she's already yawning !

Current Mood : Sleepy.

On the surface, today looked much like yesterday - we lazed around, slept a lot, watched stupid movies on Netflix. But much has changed, because it had to.

For the fourth night in a row, I couldn't sleep. I was exhausted, worn, weak, and weary, but sleep simply didn't happen. I'd eaten foods that were said to help sleep, and hadn't had caffeine all day. I'd fought napping as well. Yet each time I tried to lie down, no matter how vertical I began, I slid into 'not breathing' territory within seconds. About 4am, I had what may possibly be my first combined full-scale asthma and panic attack, something I do not in any way want to repeat again on any day of my life. I guess the toll was finally taken, because when Beloved Hubby awoke at 5am, he had no idea what had happened until I told him. And then I more or less passed out at around 6am.

I had to face a lot of things. My asthma was getting worse, not better. My new inhaler was either seriously malfunctioning or nearly empty. I could barely walk across a room without wheezing. Dearest Son was getting really good at handing me things or retrieving them for me, when I was too worn to look and hunt myself. None of these are good things. It seemed I was barely recovering from the air conditioning debacle when we had a new kitten in the house, and I couldn't help but think events were related. It hasn't helped that no one's had time to bathe him, and when I try, between the scratches and the effort, it nearly makes me pass out.

So we're gonna do what we can to keep 'Oliver', but at the same time, see what options exist if things don't improve or head downhill. I'm studying what's going wrong for the answers, for how to make things right again. You're gonna laugh, but I just realized last night that I try to sleep with my mouth closed. It's like holding my breath and forcing all my air through my cloggy nose ! I wasn't sure why I did that - although open mouth + side sleeping = damp-spot pillows - but I'm not gonna anymore.

Had fun taking some new Ghoulia photos this weekend ! The tall blue boots that Smidge-chan sent unfortunately didn't fit the MH ghouls, but they fit Barbie's legs, so my 'new' chewed-ankle Malibu PJ is wearing them, and they look great on her. One day soon, I'll find her an improved body, but for now, she looks very pretty, and quite stylish. 

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  1. Oh panic attacks are the worse. I'm not sure how bad an asthma attack is, but I can imagine very scary. I'm so sorry you have to deal with them. I hope something can be worked out. Your house might need a good cleaning, and did you ever think there might be mold in the house. That could be a problem too. Your landlord may need to have someone come look for mold in the house. Just doesn't seem right that you were doing well before and now you are suffering. I'm sure there is a lot of dust in the air with the ac issue, and maybe when the ac is fixed things will get better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.