Sunday, July 17, 2011

Laze-around Sunday

Current Mood : Nodding off

Current Image Notes : Sunday afternoon at the Yelps' home - much like it is at Chez Insanity, too. We just don't have the neat Bratz furniture.

Had a bit of a late-night scare about 3am today - when I went to get a drink of water, there wasn't any. Seriously, rotated the taps all around, nothing. I panicked for a few seconds, then remembered we're on City Of water, so it's likely to be a simple case of late-night maintenance or a busted main. No online information, nothing Beloved Hubby could do, so there was no sense waking him up. I got some bottled water - stored for just such an emergency !- and some ice cubes from the freezer. About 20 minutes later, I heard the kitchen taps start and spurt, so I was glad I just relaxed.

Not much going on today, either - got the rest of my bedside clean, and most of my desk. What little that got clean in the kitchen got dirty again when we decided to have French toast and hash browns for a late breakfast. Darn it. Breakfast was sure good, though...

It was a lazy day for all concerned, since Beloved's already expecting a rough, long week.

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