Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things get better every day !

Still not sleeping much, but I've developed my own methods and schedule that get me the rest I need, and leaves me most of the afternoon to get housework and some fun done. It's not what I really want, but it's working for now, so I'm going with it !

Would you laugh if I told you I fell asleep with 'Dead Tired' Ghoulia on my chest this morning ? (grin)

Woke with Beloved Hubby, and spent some semi-coherent time with him before I fell asleep again. Got up, got Oliver-kitty bathed, which he accepted with little resistance. I think he has the idea that a cool home with steady food means putting up with baths, so he's meeting me about as halfway as a cat can. We hope to find some dander-reducing shampoo next time we go grocery shopping. I figure bathing him early will help both of us recover quicker, so wish us luck ! When Dearest Son is back from his grandparents', he gets to learn The Art of Litter Box Maintenance ! He's too young to do the bath part, but he's already managing the cat food and water levels for both DC and Oliver, so I think I can shift this job to him. DC's been around the past few nights, and I think he enjoys being 'big cat in the house' to Oliver.

With that done, I poured a tall glass of cold water and took a break. Kept smelling onions. So I washed our huge hand-made quilt bedspread, which desperately needed it- our whole bedroom smelled funky. But even as it danced through the rinse cycle, the smell still lingered. So I grabbed a trash bag and repaired much of the holiday laziness from the living room...better, but still... By now, the quilt was in the dryer, and I was ready to start a new wash load, so I tossed in my old house-blouse with some towels and living room laundry cast-offs, dumped them in the washer and took out some trash. Ah ! Reason I kept smelling fried onions is that I must've gotten some of Beloved's onion rings on my old shirt - once that was in the wash, I didn't smell it anywhere anymore.

Got some tidy work and trash out, and darn near passed out in my computer chair. Felt good to get some work done ! A short while later, Beloved called - he was on the way towards home, but had to run an errand first, would I like to ride along ? Sure - always good to have some extra time with him and get out of the house for a bit. Even got my special cherry-shot lemonade for the trip. Didn't finish it all, the rest's in the fridge for later. Leftovers and Netflix for dinner, always fun. I have a special project planned for tomorrow, for Beloved Hubby, so wish me luck !

I should get some sleep tonight, I'm exhausted ! But I've said that every night, it seems, for weeks...

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  1. I go through bouts of insomnia and nothing really helps. I hope your asthma or whatever is causing you problems at night clears up. I was coughing a lot for a few months I had to do some super dusting to clear it up. I can breathe better at night and the cough I had disappeared too.

    Just got DT Ghoulia & Frankie. Love them both