Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't Panic ! Wheeeee !

Current Mood : Much better, now that I got some green ! 

Current Image Notes : How could I ever have forgotten the 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide' logo ? I think I'll keep it handy, remind m'self not to panic - easier to keep up with than a towel ! 

I'm such a cheap tightwad. Thought about putting up a bid or three for the new journal / diaries that come with the second wave Monster High dolls. While I gratefully have the 'Forbitten Romance' ones, I was also interested in getting the 'School's Out' set, since there was no way I was buying the dolls. The all-new ones for Spectra Vondergeist and Abbey Bominable intrigued me, too. But remembering that my last foray into 'cheap' MH ancillary goodies led me to watch a simple DVD auction close at within two bucks of a $25. complete doll, and decided to explore other options. Within ten minutes, I'd found scans of all the new diaries, minus their covers for some reason. Good enough for me - and saved me the minimum $5. bid. After all, I just wanna read 'em, not make a shrine.

I'm learning a lot more about the connection between dreams and my possible panic attacks. Not sure what's causing them, but in that hour or two between 'awake' and 'almost asleep', I've had numerous, rapid-fire nightmares. They're always short and repetitive, sometimes identical, sometimes variations on the same theme, over and over for an hour or three until I wake up. Luckily, I don't get this every night/morning, but it's happening two and three times a week lately. 

Anyway, somewhere between yesterday and today, I had enough of these darn things to have me question what was real and what was nightmare. I honestly couldn't tell. There'd been times between nightmare clusters where I'd been awake and reading, or on the computer...or were those dreams, too ? Unfortunately, Beloved Hubby had already left for work, and Dearest Son was not yet awake, so I really didn't have anyone to ask right at that moment. It was pretty scary !

But I soon rode the tide, eliminating the stuff that was too ridiculous to believe, and worrying about what little remained. When I asked, Beloved said I'd either been sleeping or murmuring, or else he'd been asleep - he had no idea what I was saying or dreaming. I could just barely remember m'self, but feared that my screwed-up head hurt someone anyway. Glad I hadn't.

Hope this is over soon. I have hopes of sleep and no more dreams soon !

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