Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot fun in the summertime...

Current Mood : Giggly

Not much going on today - DFIL picked up Dearest Son for a visit this morning, so once he was showered and packed, the bulk of my 'to do' list for today had a line through it. Took out some trash, did more laundry, just puttered.

It was so hot here today, Beloved Hubby was home after lunch for the day, so we got an early start to the weekend. I found one of the two 'mystery movies' of my misspent youth on Netflix and settled in. Back in my day, the only physical activity you could get me into without a fight - besides long walks along the beach, I was a proto-geek - was roller-skating. It's not immodest to say I was pretty good at it, I routinely taught at our local rink, and I felt graceful and slightly talented for three hours a week. Not bad. 

So when any movie - or any media - promised the tiniest bit of sweet roller disco action, you know I was there. And you're already aware of my slight Xanadu fetish, right ? It's the one right next to the disco mirror ball one. Well, there were two other skating movies out just prior, and I know I watched one in a theater. But which one ? As you can imagine, they share more than just quad skates - from what I can tell, they also divvy up 90% of a very basic plot. Wow, there's a big competition that'll determine who's the best skater of them all ?!! OMG !!

Well, it wasn't Roller Boogie, I know that now. Fun to watch, but ultimately just too boring. I'm sure that, when the universe finally tosses Skatetown, USA in my path, I'll be as let down, if not more so. Heck, I still haven't gotten over how bad Speed Racer cartoons are, compared to my memories...

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