Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roadside thrills !

Current Mood : Waiting for bedtime, although I doubt I'll sleep...

Wish me luck - I'm hoping the Dr's office will have an appointment available Thursday, Friday, or Monday. If they don't, I may have to find out if DFIL is available for transportation. I'm a little nervous about going - I hate going when I don't feel my best. But maybe that is for the best. I will say that all the water I'm drinking (still haven't gone back to soda) has improved my gravelly complexion. Doubt I'll ever lose the dark circles under my eyes - they may be hereditary - but the rest of my face is about as even-toned as it's ever been, and I'm not breaking out at all. Go figure.

Beloved Hubby also had an unusual event to report - down the street from the house he's working on, he spotted an older but quite intact Oreck upright vacuum in the trash. Now, Beloved has a fair aversion to trash picking, 'curb shopping', Dumpster Diving, urban recycling...it embarrassed him when I did it and he wasn't even in the same county. But our Hoover is once again fritzed, and the Shop Vacs aren't as easy to use...so he looped around and grabbed it.

Here's the funny thing - it works ! It's an older model, but it works just fine, it's not even noisy. Found the owner's manual on Oreck' s website and all. Even the 'headlights' operate ! It needs a new disposable dust bag, of course, and the zipper track on the 'overbag' (?) part is rough and without a pull, but that can be easily fixed. Heck, a girl can buy a whole new 'overbag' for $50. on Amazon.com.

But I'd prefer to imagine getting a whole new vacuum cleaner for free instead !

Other than that, today was a basic 'clean the living room, get everyone bathed' day. Wish me luck with the kitchen tomorrow, I'm gonna go for it as soon as I wake up ! 

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  1. My DH is ALWAYS picking up vacuums from dark alleys and dumpsters and 90% of the time they work. Sometimes they just have clogged filters.

    Love your doll stories. Hope you feel better soon.