Monday, July 18, 2011

Current Mood : Well-fed, for now ! Just wish I felt like eating...

Current Image Notes : Ghoulia thinks the internet fad 'planking' isn't that hard, but it does put her in easy daydreams of Dead Fast, her comic book hero - daydream supply.

You can tell I'm still weak and weary when Beloved Hubby does the grocery shop solo - with no protest from me. I think he was relieved, because if I came, then Dearest Son would, and we both will promise to not want anything, just wanna look...but of course, that's when ya find.

I'm reasonably quiet in my Monster High Wants lately. Stuff I know want - the 'locker' dolls, primarily - still aren't in wide release yet, and the stuff I want a closer look at - the 'Day at the Maul' clothes set, Abbey Bominable, and the new 'hang loose' Lagoona - is also in a sort of limbo. Besides, Beloved says we'll probably have fundage in two or three weeks for the locker sets, and hopefully by then, they'll be out and available. So there's no use in getting keyed up and wired. Plenty of time for that later.

After going through two sets of cheap blue air conditioner filters in three weeks, he wanted to look for some other alternatives. Seriously, those cheap blue ones had dirt on them thick enough to come off in sheets on both sides, with more dirt trapped within. Are we that filthy ? Well, all the AC cleaning did stir up a lot of vintage dirt, and we live in the former Dustbowl, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He was most curious about air purifiers, but I've never had good luck with them. They've always worked well until it was time to replace the filter the first time, and after that, they just rotated and sucked up air and power. Beloved's folks once took back a gift Sharper Image ultra-sonic ne deluxe ultra one four times, because each time, the newest one would break a week or two shy of its warranty expiration. When the last one bellied up, they found a note on their file basically telling the next clerk to just shrug at them and do nothing, SI wasn't replacing another. No reason, and half the time DFIL was there to return the latest POS, he wasn't the only one in line with the same box.

I didn't say any of this to Beloved, but he spent about 20 minutes or so in the air cleaner aisle before realizing that none of them really did much beside make a few vague promises. So instead, he upgraded the Cheap Blues to a $17. electrostatic filter, and I can almost swear I can tell the difference. We're both coughing, which really is good news, since we've both felt chest-clogged for weeks. Getting whatever it is out would really help, I think !

Not much else as exciting. But you never know what happens around here next !

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