Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally - one off the 'To Do' list !

Current Mood : Jubilant !

Today started out rather quiet- Beloved Hubby had a job to go to, so I had the day to m'self. Last night was another 'catch an hour or two of sleep here and there' night, so I was still dragging when he left. Next thing I knew, it was nearly noon. I'd crashed on the sofa trying to decide what to watch with breakfast. 

After a quick early lunch instead, I debated having fun or getting work done. A quick glimpse at Lagoona's brand-new Hydration Station decided it for me. I figured I'd have just enough energy to clean out that hall closet, get it ready to store some of Beloved's wardrobe the way he planned. Of course, that meant taking everything off both shelves in there, mostly sheets and linen and some memory-type stuff, then reorganizing it, and getting it back in, hopefully leaving one shelf bare, but I could take breaks when I needed to...

It took much longer than I thought - over an hour, with all the brief  'catch-your-wind' stops - but I got it done. Now I can concentrate on the laundry for the next couple days, and have somewhere to put it while it's getting done. I confess, the laundry pile's gotten so bad, I can't get to the closet to get stuff put away, and having it in clean and dirty piles just means it all becomes a 'dirty' pile within a day or three. So this had to get done - and I'm sorta proud of me. It was on the list for earlier this month, but I've been meaning to get it done since Beloved mentioned it shortly after we moved in. 

Also got some more trash gathered up, and some minor puttering work done. Soon Beloved was home, but he was so tired - and lightly sunburned - that all he wanted was a nice long nap. So I made sure he got one. And then I got sleepy, and there went the day. Fine with me - I still have toys I haven't played with yet !

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  1. That's why I'm so afraid of the sets w/dolls. I don't really want the furniture so I guess I would have to sell that off..LOL. Hopefully you'll get a chance to play with it. I'd love to know how it works