Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes, stupid *does* hurt ! owww...

Current Mood : Nursing my stupid. 

Today we learned a rather hard lesson about gravity and clutter. My hip still twinges a bit, and I imagine the bruise will be epic when it's done flowering. What happened was, the semi-sheer curtain I like to use in our Playroom keeps falling down. It's just a cheap, simple tension rod, so every time a vibrating sound machine blasts down the street, it wiggles the window frames, giving the rod just enough space to lose tension and fall again. Since I tend to sew partially dressed - it gets hot in there - I really need that curtain up. Unfortunately, a lot of Beloved Hubby's Airsoft and art supplies are right in front of the window. Not blocking the light, but right there at sill-level. 

Since Beloved had to replace the curtain twice yesterday - I can't reach it - I was looking for more permanent solutions. That poor tension rod just wasn't cutting it. So I dug around and liberated some cup hooks until I had a matched set. Gave m'self a half hour to rest before I went for the install, since my breathing's still heavy and I'm still kinda out of it. 

I should have just bagged the whole thing when I realized there wasn't any truly stable place to grab. I really was too far back from the window, and there was still too much in the way. So, when the inevitable happened, it was a disaster. I leaned a bit too far on the step-stool toolbox, it lifted up, I jumped off - and slammed my arm into a shelf he'd put up over his desk, and my hip into the desk itself. To avoid falling over further, I'd grabbed another shelf in desperation, and ripped it right out of the wall. And still fell over. At least my landing was slow and cushioned. And the bruise didn't hurt 'til later. Even now, it's not really a 'hurt' unless I hit it on something. 

Surprisingly, all the noise and thumps - I didn't yell, but lots of stuff got knocked over - didn't wake Beloved, so he didn't know until he saw the bruise I'd forgotten. It does look like a purple and yellow tattoo, possibly of a sea cucumber. Beloved simply re-hung the curtain the way he has the last six times it's fallen, so eventually, when I have more sense and energy, I'll put in the cup-hooks. After I've moved a bunch more stuff so I don't topple over again !


  1. Ouch!
    I'm sorry that you got hurt. Sounds like a bad situation all around.

  2. Take care of yourself. Thank goodness it's not more serious. I'm a champion faller myself. I guess the clumsy Olympics would be proud of me :O) I have the habit of being impatient when wanting something done. I usually end up paying for it with an ache or bruise :O)