Monday, July 25, 2011

Mattel, you drive me crazy....

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After a weekend of goofing around, with a heavy emphasis on sleep, I was pretty much ready to get some work done around here. My stupid, weak body, on the other hand...

Still, by taking my time and lots of breaks, I got four loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away. Not bad ! Sad I got about twelve more loads to go, but four is about right for a day. Gives me enough time to get it all done, without leaving a wet load in the washer to molder until I remember it, or one in the dryer for the guys to dig through, looking for socks or underwear. Used the new setup I finally got going in the hall closet for Beloved's work pants and shirts, and I think it'll work out great. The Airsoft uniforms and winter clothes will still get hung up in our closet, but tossing his right-side-out shirts in the basket's much easier than hanging them all up for the day or three it takes for him to need 'em ! 

Even Dearest Son was impressed by his momma workin' hard. He put his own laundry away, and I let him. He'll leave it in the basket for a few days, then want the basket for some play scenario, and hang everything up. At least he knows better to not just dump his clothes on the bottom of the closet (anymore !).

San Diego Comic Con has passed, without much comment from me - mostly because I just didn't care enough to spend hours up at the computer. I swear, the fandom kerfluffles have really done a number on some part of my psyche. Plus, it was just easier to play with my new girls - Dead Tired Ghoulia and Lagoona - on the sofa when I had the energy than it was to get worked up about more. I'm fairly certain 'Arachne-Girl' won the polls, and once again, I just didn't care. When chicken noodle soup gives you raging heartburn, stuff like whose doll 'won' tends to fall by the wayside. I'm not bitter or disappointed, I honestly just don't care. 

Now, that's not to say I wouldn't be dressed in 45 seconds and in the Diesel if Beloved Hubby said we're out on a locker-doll hunt, but that's unlikely. Besides, I just got new stuff I haven't even had time or health to enjoy. I'm sure that those dolls will be there when we have time and money. 

Not to mention that, after Mattel made the Gloom Beach Ghoulia only available in a five-pack exclusive with all the other GB dolls, I'm a bit ticked at 'em. Not that I'd shell out $60. for the Target-only set, especially after I've already bought the other four girls, but it does put a bad taste in a lot of fan mouth. As others have noted, if you decide to get this set, make sure you know what Ghoulia's supposed to look like. I can imagine too many 'uber fans' buying one, replacing GB Ghoulia with Bratz Swimsuit Dead Tired Ghoulia, resealing the box, and returning it to Target. Seen it too many other times with Barbie, and they weren't even collector dolls, just playline.

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  1. I bought this set but then I have none of these dolls. I wanted Ghoulia and the others have been put up for sale to cover the cost. I'm thankful it didn't cost me $60..LOL