Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oww, owwowwwowww....

Current Mood : Wanna go back to bed...

My tummy was still full this morning, but I woke up with massive pain in my lower right jaw. Took pain pills, it went away. When it came back, the ibuprofen didn't work anymore. Acetaminophen took the edge off, but it seemed the sharp stabbing got worse quickly. My mother used to suffer from gum and jaw pains, and I remember the plastic bottles she'd keep just to use as compresses. I did the same with a microwaved rice sock. I like rice socks - you can put 'em in the freezer or microwave, depending on what you need, and the rice smells good heated up. Lost of folks make pretty bags, but I'm cheap - I half-fill one of Dearest Son's outgrown socks with cheap rice, tie it shut, and we're in business. That helped, and I was able to sleep a bit this afternoon.

We'd heard from our landlord to expect an air-conditioning repair person anytime Thursday or after. So I actually got off my butt when I could and did an hour's worth of dishes, to complement the hour's worth that Beloved Hubby did last night. Also did a quick load of laundry, since both are piled up. Spaghetti dinner wasn't near as fancy and tasty as the wonderful dinner we had yesterday, but it was nice to be home. And now I have more dishes to catch up on ! (grin)

I had a little energy left, so I gave my 'new' PJ a quick bath. Her lock of hair in the front just won't go left or right, it refuses, so I'm gonna leave it where it likes to be. The new dress is super-tight on her, so I'll have to find her something else soon. It was nice to see how her hairline was rooted for the beaded ponytails she's so frequently photographed with - but I'll confess, it was that delicate line of purple eye shadow on her near-perfect Steffie face that intrigued me.

But it's precisely what's made it hard to conclusively identify her. In addition to the eye shadow, she has Philippines butt-markings and navy blue outlining the outside of her pupils. Seems if she has purple eye shadow, she should have matching pupil lining, or her Phillipines markings indicate she should have that 'peek a boo' tan paint job. Could be I need to research Steffie, not just Malibu PJ. Ah, well, not that it really matters. I just need to find her an improved body !

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