Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ghoulia deals with someone's shoe addiction, left behind in a dressing room.

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Things improve, but usually slowly. We found out our landlord didn't even call the air conditioner repair person until Thursday, so we still have no idea when to expect anyone. It was 105 degrees today, btw. At least my breathing is pretty stable during the day, it only gets bad around 2am, for some reason.

Beloved Hubby had a busy day planned - some of his friends and associates are considering opening an indoor airsoft arena in an old industrial building, and they asked for help and thoughts. So he went, loaded with weapons, camo, and camera, and gave me the promise that tomorrow was my day, anything I wanted to do was fine with him. Guess who's planning on snagging a Dead Tired Ghoulia tomorrow....?

But today was a challenge on its own. Found out why my jaw hurt so much - it was swollen. Surprisingly, a swab of vanilla extract took it down quickly and almost painlessly. I'd read it on a website of home remedies, and wondered if the imitation stuff would work, we had plenty...and it did ! I had a slight warm, almost burning sensation the first time, but it went away in nanoseconds, and the swelling stayed down all day. Just to be on the safe side, I reapplied it before bedtime, and spilled about half a teaspoon down my nightgown. Well, it certainly smells better now !

Dearest Son found a late patch of dandelions and brought several in for me - he's so sweet ! I was glad we had some ice cream to offer him still. He's looking forward to a visit at his grandparents' tomorrow, so he spent a good hour today deciding what to take with him.

Beloved came home with numerous stories about the 'new' arena - seems like it would be better suited to scenery capture for a new 'Left For Dead' video game than any airsoft campaigns. It had been both a beef and chicken packing plant, which hadn't been cleaned well enough to avoid giving one of Beloved's friends a systemic allergic reaction, and he told me there were several tons of trash and broken glass that needed cleaning before anybody even walked in there without signing a waiver two inches thick. He and a crew of three other volunteers worked for over two hours cleaning up a stairwell so that it could be traversed without jumping over trash and into glass - and there were three others just as bad. Two more were missing - there were just holes marking where stairs had been, without even safety railings. Two injuries today, including a bad cut. Glad it wasn't on Beloved.

The entrepreneurs behind this - who clearly need to think with the dollar signs smacked solidly out of their eyes - want to charge $25. a day, with no concessions or even water provided. Bear in mind, there are two fields near us that charge as little as $5. all day, and one that charges nothing. The whole place is a biohazard that makes our air conditioner look like a ball of paper that didn't quite make the trash can, there's tons of glass and trash everywhere, and the standard rules most fields and game sites have are nonexistent here. Perhaps that's why they expect at least 50 players a week - rich, dangerous environment ? Maybe they'll get that for the first week or two - but I'd put money down that 35 of 'em never come back.

While Beloved was off to play...Dearest put his Traxxas RC car back together again, in anticipation of taking it with him tomorrow, and Beloved made sure it had a good, charged battery. I played with the rest of the goodies darling Smidge-chan sent - so much fun ! I have plotted how to obtain the shirt Ghoulia's modeling ever since I first saw the LIV doll promos, but never got one. Ya'll know me, I'm late for sales when I get to go at all, and I'm too cheap to bid high, so... but thanks to Smidge-chan, I have it, and I am so happy ! I had a couple of these, very similar, waaaay back in the very late 80s. Kinda generic anime from places that sold very lightweight sweatshirts 4 for $10. I wore those poor suckers out, it goes without saying, but I doubt I'll have that problem with this one. And I have a few new embroidery ideas....wheeee !

You gotta love those 'Deal With It' meme sunglasses on Ghoulia ! I'm seriously tempted to make her some ridiculous-looking suit to go with them !

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