Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There's always something new, even when you're in the middle of wresting with more of the same-old...

Current Mood : Melted, but re-solidifying...

No such luck. I had a virtual repeat of yesterday - repeated nightmares, variations on a theme - except this time, instead of worrying about what I said, the haunting was about my stomach. That it was erupting, bleeding inside, severely damaged, melting, on and on until I woke up ready to call an ambulance. At 4am, numerous distorted mirror images of my tummy didn't tell me what I needed to know, and I was convinced, in my sleep-deprived, addled brain, that Beloved Hubby knew there was something severely wrong, but for some reason refused to tell me. So I had to figure it out m'self.

That didn't last long. If anyone could see my massive gut, in ugly living color, it was Beloved. And if he even thought there was a problem with the slightest centimeter of me, it, along with the rest of my butt, would be on a stretcher before I had a chance to whine or second-guess about it. By the time he left for work, I'd worked it out and was tired enough to yearn for sleep. Took a two hour nap and felt much better. I'm now actively wondering what's on the slate for tonight. I think I can handle it faster and better, whatever it is - wish me luck !

Photos of the latest Lagoona Blue, from the 'School's Out' line of Monster High dolls, have surfaced - so far, it's from the same person who pretty much has every MH doll made, no matter if no one's ever seen 'em outside an overseas Toy Fair catalog or print ad. I wonder how this fan manages to get one of every new release weeks ahead of even pre-orders - and it's doll in-hand, with box and everything - but I've learned to just accept that Mattel just wants to sell all the new stuff overseas first now, and appreciate someone else's photos and the fact that they'll sell my whining-consumer butt anything at all. (Bitterness may not become one, but I see nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence ! )

Thing is, the new Lagoona is nice ! She's very pretty, and I love her entire outfit, especially those adorable 'bubble jelly' shoes. I had a very similar pair, back in the day - they were even pink ! They just had, you know, actual heels. But what made me really sit up and sigh, wondering if I could squeeze one more doll into the 'Want' list, was her right hand. Ah, Mattel... just when I get so angry and frustrated with you, ya step up your game and become irresistible again. Lagoona's right hand is molded into a thumb-and-pinky-out  'hang loose' sign, complete with webs still between her fingers and all. If they're all as well-made as the one I saw, it's a definite score !

I also learned that TRU has the 'Classroom' / locker dolls up on their site - not available yet, but $21.99 each when they are. Since we're already a bit pinched for funds, I'm not even gonna mention it to Beloved, but it's nice to know there's so much out there to like !

And seeing them on TRU, even as 'not available', at least got me off my indolent rear and spurred me to list those two expensive doll pattern books I've been yammering about. You know, the ones I haven't used in years, then haven't listed in weeks. Well, they're ready for buyers with slightly less deep pockets - I always price mine a bit less than what's already there, to encourage quick sales - but even if they sold today, I won't see the cash for more than two weeks after I confirm shipping. Since I'm a 'new seller', Amazon can do that, and will. Ah, well. It's still a better deal than eBay. I'm still shocked that they take a chunk out of shipping fees - eBay, not Amazon. I pretty much emptied House Checking to pay off eBay, so I'm gonna give them wide space for a while.

Few minutes 'til bedtime. May still have insomnia, but I think I've gotten to the root of the nightmare issue, and if it's not conquered, I can at least deal with it better. Besides, I'm running out of stuff to be bizarrely scared over !

Thanks again, everyone, for your notes and encouragement, and tidbits from your experiences. They help, a lot ! I may be only barely conscious enough to read 'em, but each one is a line back to sanity, and I appreciate them. I haven't said it, but right now, even cheese tastes funny, and that's just plain wrong ! But maybe I'll finally lose weight when everything tastes like over-sweet or over-salted ashes. When ice really tastes good, you know things are goin' a bit wonky...


  1. I know the gentleman in question (the one with the new Lagoona). He just recently got the first 3 DotD dolls, and doesn't have the new Clawdeen, Cleo or Frankie. So don't feel too bad :)

    The releases have been pretty wonky even overseas, and are sometimes only available to order, as opposed to being able to get them in stores.

  2. Thanks, VenusBoi79, for the extra bonus info. While I love his great photos and kind sharing of all the details we love, I was getting eat up with jealousy ! Seems like we'd barely know there *is* a doll, and he has it in-hand a week later. I know, I'm exaggerating, but when I still haven't seen half the 'Dead Tired' or 'After School' lines - and I'm glad I'm not a plushie collector, they simply don't exist here ! - I get stupid with Want.

    About the only thing that kept my poison tongue in check was the simple fact that I'm sick as a one-winged dragon, and make about as much sense right now. So I'm glad to hear ole 'Pud is a good person who deserves more respect than envy. Appreciate you reminding me of that - you're awesome, too. I've seen your stuff before, of course !

    Hugs to you both - I got a green-eyed monster to corral, that little....