Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because those Monster High dolls just weren't expensive enough for my Universal Empress self, that's why !

Current Mood : Rest-desperate

Evidently, Oliver-kitten likes Ghoulia, too - when I found her this morning, she'd been knocked off her tuffet - great word for that, Crimson­­_Deity ! - her glasses were off, her Brain Puffs were on the other side of my desk, and her hand had moved from her mouth to her eyes. Darn cat. As if in solidarity, DracuLaura had slipped from her sofa perch behind Ghoulia and flipped over, thus giving Oliver a solid Fearleader uniform mooning. Original Cleo had one leg straight out, as if some feline butt-kicking had been administered in the night. All I know for sure is, he hasn't been on my desk all day. On the plus side, those hard-to-reach dusty areas behind my monitor are nice and clean butt = Endust ?

Didn't sleep much last night or this early morning, but I slept 'til I couldn't anymore. About three whole hours today. Beloved Hubby's aware of the whole thing, and just wants me to take care of m'self, so if I need a nap from noon 'til 3pm, long as Dearest Son is inside and safe, he's fine with it. I'll just be glad when all this is over. I don't even like the taste of Dr. Pepper or colas anymore - I've been reaching for water and lemonade instead. Just seems like the sodas add to the gunk in my throat, and I already hate hacking that up as it is. And I don't eat even half what I used to, it's more like a third. Still plump as a Christmas pigeon, though.

Naah, today was one of those days you get when you're trying to recover. I fell asleep this morning about 5am, off and on around the alarm clock, and woke when Beloved left for work at 8. Slept 'til 9:30, then got up and did some housework and general puttering 'til nearly noon. Ate a late combined breakfast/lunch, and got sleepy, so I lay down about 11:30 - and Beloved called at 12:30. Our much-anticipated air conditioning repair guy would be here within the hour, at pretty much any time. Dragged m'self awake, finished some quick tidy work to the living room and hallway, got redressed, took out the rest of the trash and cleared some other clutter spots...just in time for him to arrive at 1:30.

He was impressed by Beloved's cleaning, and said a freon leak had created some problems, so he got it charged up and the leak patched. The main coil needs replacing and soon, or we'll have the same issue next year. It's a little cooler in here, but when it's 106 degrees outside, you still feel very sorry for that poor AC unit. An hour later, he was gone. Whew ! I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore !

But by now, I was wide awake again, so I just stayed up. Beloved and Dearest were home at a bit after 5pm, so I didn't get a lot of a break before they let me know they were hungry for dinner. I had it on the various surfaces at 6:38. Not too bad.

Just means I didn't get crap else done, not even the special project for Beloved. And I'm probably gonna sew tomorrow, no matter what. Right now, though, I'm hoping for some sleep, I could really use it...Now, today's image, a $10,000. sleep 'Transport' by Alberto Frias, would probably do the trick ! It's a temperature-controlled waterbed with LED lights connected to a sound system. Only problem is, once I'm in there, good luck ever getting me out again ! 


  1. Heh, love that I got a mention in your blog :P

    And that's always what I imagined a tuffet looking like when I'd hear that old rhyme.

  2. I can tell you my taste buds change every 5 - 10 years. I now seem to taste salt in everything. I can't drink my cranberry or apple juice most times because it tastes salty..ARGH. I do not enjoy these times because more stuff comes off the few things I enjoy eating.

    I hope you can get some sleep soon..feel better