Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wishes and hopes...and maybe even plans.

Current Mood : Guess. 

Current Image Notes : Now *this* is how I imagine Ghoulia's loft bed ! Love to have the skill to make this in sixth-scale ! 

(sigh) Another day of great intentions gone right out the window at dawn. Got a robust four hours of sleep this morning, then made breakfast for Dearest Son and bathed Oliver-kitten...and fell back asleep in front of the TV. Nothing was on, the sofa was just suddenly, amazingly comfy.

I noticed I'd crashed sitting straight upright. I can nod off for a bit like that, but it's not 'real' sleep, like what you'd get for several hours at night. But still...our bed was still kinda messy from sheet-washings earlier this week, so maybe if I made it up a bit differently, with the pillows supporting a more upright position, then maybe...

It took a while, since I had to actually move the bed around somewhat, and it'll require daily adjustments if it does work, but I have high hopes ! And our bed looks more like a quilted oasis again, and less of a pile of motley pillows and lumpy blankets.

Air conditioning's working better, and it actually turns off now, for short periods. Beloved's still taking about getting an air purifier, since everyone's still coughing and the new AC filters need to be changed about every week and a half now. But I'm grateful - things are getting better, my breathing's slowly's just taking much too long !

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