Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Money, money, money

Current Mood : Whiny

I kinda knew better than to try for prescription quotes on a Monday, so I put it off 'til today. Turns out, nearly everyone has about the same prices - except on my one expensive 'script. That one was $55. at Mal-Wart last time, was listing as $62. at Walgreen's (if you shell for the $20. annual 'savers card'), and - are you ready for this ? - $73. at Target. Wow. I almost wanted to verify it with her again, but she'd read it back correctly. Yikes. 

So we're gonna give Mal-Wart one more chance - hopefully having paper 'scripts in-hand and asking them to delete my previous records may help. I'll need 'em Saturday, so we'll probably run 'em by Friday evening. 

Playing phone quotes with pharmacies gave me something to do in the morning - I'm wiped out from yesterday ! My arms hurt, the leg I bruised has some sort of trembling muscle ache on random occasions, and staying conscious was a challenge all day.

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