Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stay cool !

Current Mood : Hopeful

Even less going on today - Beloved Hubby dropped off the 'scripts for pickup on Monday, Dearest Son is still at his grandparents'. I'm still trying hard to stay awake during the day, because just now, I'm sleeping maybe 20 minutes out of every hour at night ! May not sound like much, but it's a vast improvement over rolling around all night like a bead in an empty drawer, for hours. 

I'm still playing with the Hydration Station, even though I should have put it back away days ago. It's that pretty. Plus, once it is where it belongs, that's pretty much the end for MH furniture purchases, I'm outta space ! It's funny that, even though I know exactly how it's put together - because I'm the one what did it - I still partially expect Lagoona to be soaking wet when I open the door, instead of exactly the way I put her in there. 

Never got a decent photo of it with the lights on. So I'm thinking of taking a full-motion video this weekend, posting it on YouTube, for kicks. Heck, Dearest makes his own videos, it can't be as difficult as I'm fearing. I have a tripod, after all...

Well, that's really about it for the day. Beloved's home, so we're just relaxin'. Hope your day was as chill !

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