Thursday, July 14, 2011

I keep hearing Taste of Honey's "Sukiyaki" in my mind...

Current Mood : Good. Good. Surprisingly good !

Current Image Notes : A lovely online kimono paper doll, new from Doll Divine - go play !

Let the choir sing and the heavens ring - I actually *slept* last night !

Decided that the generic Mucinex wasn't working as well, and quit taking it yesterday - I still have gunk, but I had it with or without the pills, so what was the point ? Kept my airways as clear as possible during the day the old fashioned way - horking and honking - and they were pretty much good to go during the night. No panic attacks, no asthma attacks (some tightness, but that's status quo for me at night), no gasping, no strange five-minute-long repeating dreams / nightmares, all night. Well, from about 1am until almost 5. Still, that's amazing for me lately. Still tired and sleepy, but I was actually hungry this morning, and I feel much more like m'self than I have in months. When this is a good thing, you know I've been off the rails for quite some time !

Of course, no good without some bad - Windows 7 installed a new Service Pack, which meant restarts and such for a good hour this morning, and the trash crews were out and about at 7:31am. Next week, they won't roll out until after noon. I'd just put the trash out Wednesday, but it's only allowed out between certain hours, or you're subject to fines. And no one thinks the 'Trash Day' videogame will sell...

Still tight-chested and very tired, but I finally feel like I'm on the road to solid recovery. Oliver-kitten is getting used to his every-other-day bath, and while he still doesn't like it, he seems willing to accept it for a safe home and limitless Meow Mix. DC-kitty is still coming around more often, and I honestly think it's to play and instruct Oliver. I'd been afraid introducing a new cat to DC's space would mean we wouldn't see him anymore. Glad it turned out the opposite !

Most cola-based sodas still taste weird. Had some root beer last night, and for some reason, I tasted licorice in it. Heavily. Generic Dr. Pepper is OK, but I still prefer lemonade, or nearly-frozen-solid ice water. Even milk tastes 'too thick' lately. Got some minor housecleaning done, and hope to have another good night to tackle the stinky kitchen. You know it's bad when you take out three bags of trash, and it's still aromatic in there ! 

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