Friday, July 22, 2011

About time I got a second Lagoona !

Current Mood : Moony

Even DC-kitty only came in to eat - very lightly - and sleep. You know it's hot when cats come inside to rest !

I'm now completely off sodas - even my beloved Dr. Pepper - and 90% off carbonated drinks. The 'brown sodas' still don't taste right, and anything carbonated is making my feet puffy. Just my feet. But that gets uncomfortable really fast, so I'm mostly drinking stuff like lemonade, tea, and water. These days, once I get that water cold enough, it's a treat all by itself. Found some small plastic bottles that, if I freeze the water within for an hour, it'll crush down and give you ice cold water with built-in crunchy cubes !

Still haven't played much with the Hydration Station. I'm probably gonna try rechargeable batteries soon, it's all we have in AA size on a consistent basis. Not sure what I'm gonna do about Lagoona. She's so lovely, and so different from my first one that, you guessed it, I wanna keep her, but...

And, of course, now that I have a big, expensive playset, the 'locker' set dolls are making appearances a state or two away. Ah, well. I'll get 'em eventually ! 

Today's 'fan who makes me afraid' comes to my notice from another doll forum that has a side-board for stuff like Monster High and Blythe dolls, and that section's pretty busy. As mentioned before, Mattel's doing a 'vote for the next' promo on some prototype dolls at the comics convention, no big whoop. Yet someone managed to take that personally. He/She mentioned having to get off the MH Facebook page because his/her rage over his/her favorite of the three not firmly and irreversibly ahead in the polls. Yes. Someone Out There is extremely upset, to the point of rage, that a doll isn't 'winning' a popularity contest. Of course, this was followed by all the reasons why the current fore-runner is such a terrible choice. (sigh)

What scared me worse is that several other board members agreed and sympathized ! Yes, they too feel intense anger at the unfairness of it all, and it's nothing the original poster should be upset about. Heck, another denizen admitted that board members do a lot of that - 'b*tching about stupid people on Flickr, or people elsewhere who don't see our (dolls) through the same eyes we do.' 

Yet some of these are the same people who urged me to be more patient and be glad Mattel was willing to sell my ungrateful azz anything at all. Is it just me, or has acceptance, tolerance, and trying to see from another viewpoint gone right the heck out the window ? If I don't agree with you on everything, I'm a target of your rage, too ? Sad. 

Truly, the fandom is starting to scare me, and I may have to stick to just Flickr (guess that makes me one of the stupid people) or risk having the 'fans to fear' segment be an ongoing blog 'feature'. Ugh.


  1. I'm the one you quoted, so I figured I'd clarify :)If you go to the Lounge section of said site, you'll notice there's a thread with flickr conversations.

    It has different things going on, but one of it's main purposes is to vent about TRULY stupid people. The ones who blame Mattel for the new Bratz having bad hair, or people seeing your photos and then asking if they can have your doll. Or to discuss the silliness of kids who start drama because they aren't winning a photo competition.

    My point in the statement was "hey, it's fine to vent here." It's a fairly small community on that particular board, and a lot of us chat with each other via text, email, etc. I'm a member of several forums, but this is the one spot I feel like I can freely speak my mind, even if it's silly. We may argue a bit, but it's like hanging out with a bunch of friends. Oh and most of us have Flickr accounts, so we definitely don't think of Flickr users as a whole as being stupid :)

    One last thing- the person who made the initial comment of being angry was stating that he realized how silly it was to be angry over a doll. And feeling that perhaps he was getting a bit too invested, and maybe needed to step away. Hope this cleared some bad air! i'd hate for you to think of us as no better than those silly whiny kids on the FB fanpage lol

  2. I don't visit the MH FB pages but I have read some rants. I generally stay out of the fray..LOL. I go into and ADD mode when I read the same things so I've learned how to navigate the waters :O)

    I own 4 dolls from this line so my love of them has only gone as far as Ghoulia.