Friday, July 8, 2011

Noble efforts, blah, blah, bleh.

Current Mood : I'm sort of with Spider-Man...

Well, the Great Bed Rearrangement Experiment was a failure, but at least I got it remade and looking pretty again. And since it only takes a few minutes maintenance a day to keep it inviting, I'll keep it up as long as I can. I've already started banning Oliver-kitten from our room, day and night, to keep dander and just plain 'presence' down.

Of course, he's a kitten, so that means he's either on my desk all night, or claws me up 'playfully' during a 3am bathroom visit. (sigh) Learned the hard way Tuesday night to start storing my keyboard and mouse in a drawer if I'm leaving it alone and unattended - he'd started some restore /restart process for at least two programs by accident, and the only reason they didn't complete is that they were waiting on a "Enter your code sequence to continue" response from me.

Surprisingly, DC-kitty has been home more than before. Not sure if it's due to the ridiculous heat, the tasty Meow Mix, the big bowl of cold water, or the new kitten to boss around. They had a merry game of tag going on last night, and I could swear DC leads him on with his tail. When Oliver attacks, DC retaliates, and the game is on again. They even eat together, with minimal yowling. Beloved Hubby thinks DC is training an indoor-outdoor companion kitty, but we shall see.

Not a lot else going on, I'm still dazed and barely sleeping, but that's been status quo since almost the end of May, so I hesitate to even mention it. I'm mostly keeping up with the laundry and dishes we need, but not exactly getting ahead on it. It's a 'no money weekend' coming up, and I'm relieved. I don't even want to go anywhere. I miss sewing like crazy, but each time I start to think about trying again, I darn near fall over walking, so...

Next week, I'll make an appointment to see my doctor for my annual visit. I'm starting to think she'll just tell me 'You're middle-aged, what do you think is happening ? Have you considered Prozac and hormone replacement therapy ?', since some symptoms dovetail. And let's face it, darn near anything can give a girl headaches, insomnia, and restlessness !

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